In 2008 there was a sub-prime mortgage crisis. Though it seems the crisis was solved, many peopled still find it difficult to keep up with mortgage payments as they hunt for a job, post-college. Finding the funds to fix up your home when funds are so tight. If you need to fix things around your home, but you’re struggling to make ends meet as is, you have options. When you take the HARPQuiz you can find out if you qualify for a home loan benefit program. Moreover, Millions of homeowners are applicable for up to $4,000 thanks to three government programs at But when could you use these?

Struggles at Home

Being a homeowner means you have to wear many different hats, including taking care of your family. The lack luster job market means that many college students are moving back home after graduation. Your parents might live with you as well, putting a huge amount of pressure on you both financially and emotionally. You could be dealing with other stresses outside the home with work or even more internal struggles. That doesn’t mean you can let your house fall to pieces. If your roof needs repairing or your plumbing is shot, you can’t afford to NOT fix it. But if money is tight, these simple adjustments could be impossible to make.

Bad Relations with the Bank

Loaning money from the bank is a great option…until you miss a payment. Then, things go down hill really quickly. Penalties, fines and restrictions? All from some missed or late payments? These extra costs can add up quickly and put you even more in the hole than before. You need to find another option.

Sky High Interest Rates

It’s easy to find yourself drowning in mortgage payments. You may find that you don’t even qualify for a home equity line of credit (or HELOC). Even those of us that do qualify, incredibly high interest rates can make a mortgage impossible. So just take out a personal loan, right? Maybe not. With lots of student loan debt or poor credit, you could be sunk once more by painfully high interest rates. Don’t overburden your budget with unruly debt and high interests.

The Solution

The United States government has found a way to help these potential hardships. Guaranteed loans from the VA, FHA or HUD have helped World War II Vets maintain their homes and livelihoods. By helping vets pay for home improvements, they’re also helping the whole community by: Allowing vets to hire locally for home repairs. Increasing the betterment of your family and the overall community. Increasing home value and value of the city.

How to Cash Out

Loans taken out against your home or property holdings are considered “secured” because you can use your home and land as collateral. These secured loans will grant you a lower interest rate. By cashing out these secured loans, you’re able to make home repairs and have a little extra left to put towards other debts. The US government fully comprehends the value in household upkeep, home repairs and property improvement. Government loans, in turn, have lower interest rates. You can find out if you qualify for government programs at It’s estimated that around 700,000 Americans are capable of receiving these rewards, but haven’t yet taken that chance. You may be applicable even if you’ve recently refinanced your house. The references at are totally free. You can browse without being pressured to take out one of these loans. So the real question is, why haven’t you looked at it?