For single parents, government organizations have plenty of options to help you make ends meet. There are philanthropies that donate clothing, food and other life necessities. Often times, single parents find their funds come up short when it comes to paying bills and taking care of their children. Income-based rewards from the government also include emergency housing, expense assistance and grants for child care.

Getting everything you need to properly care for your family can be tough. For immediate crises like illness, job loss or other traumas, these organizations are here to help. Some people who look to government assistance have escaped dangerous and unhealthy living situations like domestic violence and they just need a little help in transitioning and starting their lives again.

Food Aid

Philanthropies frequently help single parents and their children meet their day to day needs. Often, these philanthropies end up being the main support system for these families. These groups rely on donations from the community to help these families supply anything from Christmas presents to meals. Thanks to volunteers, group organizations and churches, these philanthropies can ease the burden from these children and their parents.

Certain government programs are available solely for single mothers. These programs include food stamps, or SNAP. An additional food program for babies, toddlers and their mothers is known as WIC. Though these groups can be incredibly helpful, they may take weeks or even months to kick in. Many of these local and federal programs have strict guidelines for which mothers are accepted and which ones are not. These food aids help ensure mothers and their children get food and meals immediately. Ensuring that children have the proper nutrients to grow and thrive is a top priority because it effects how they learn and grow.

Diapers and formula also a big expense for single parents. Food pantries sometimes offer free diapers and formula to those who need it. Diapers and formulas are donated to help ease the stress on single parents when it comes to paying for these costly necessities.

For single parents that urgently need help, head to your local food pantry. These pantries organize donated groceries to give back to their community. The bags of groceries the food pantries hand out can include anything from milk to meat to formula and other necessities. Pantries are spread out across the country so single parents can get the necessities like clothes, cleaning supplies and school supplies for kids. Other programs, like Toys for Tots, exist for special holidays so low income children still have presents. Programs like SNAP and WIC help single mothers get food for themselves and their families.

Miscellaneous Aid

In July and August, as kids prepare to head back to school, philanthropies put together everything kids could need for school. They assemble uniforms and supplies to help children have a successful school year. Kids of single parents take priority as these supplies get handed out. Organizations like the Salvation Army work worldwide to provide supplies for children and single families. It’s important to be reminded these organizations work on a first-come, first-serve basis so it’s essential to get on their lists early.

Some programs also offer help around the holidays. Applications for this period begin in September. The programs ensure children get presents on the holidays and food to celebrate these holidays. Churches and other organizations also help around these times.

These organizations often run thrift stores that offer discounts to families on products like clothing, home goods and shoes. They can also provide big ticket items like beds, cribs, couches, car seats and kitchen tools. Cutting down on spending by shopping at these stores can save a lot of money in the long run. For truly low-income households, vouchers for these type of thrift stores are sometimes offered to further benefit them.

Families can also receive transportation help from the government. From reduce prices or free cars to aid in paying for public transportation, the government understands the importance of transportation. There is financial aid to help families afford getting to work, doctors’ appointments or various other places.

For women and children escaping dangerous living situations, the government provides housing solutions. Rental assistance and long-term solutions can be provided. For short term solutions, transitional shelters and hotel vouchers can also be provided.

Women who are expecting a child are eligible for help through and after their pregnancy. Their significant other and the expecting mother can receive special financial support including maternity outfits, food, formula, car seats and cash aid. For new single mothers, formula, coupons and samples are also available for you to use.

Aid for Single Mothers

As we’ve said, families with single parents are made top priority, but each program has different requirements. It’s always important to have a job. But child care becomes an expense many single mothers can’t keep up with. The cost of childcare for mothers that don’t have a partner or helpful family members can often stop mothers from getting jobs. To help single mothers with this tough reality, government vouchers are available.

Housing can be another difficulty. Living in a safe area that’s also inexpensive may not be possible for those with just one income. Many government agencies can help pay for part of the rent or take care of the energy expenses for the home. Grants, benefits and medical aid are also available for low income, single parent homes. For people who are eligible, their applications will be processed but aid may only be available for specific needs. For example, CHIPS helps with medical aid and TANF helps single moms pay for some of their bills.

Local offices offer varying aid. Depending on where you live, you may be eligible for emergency aid for single family homes. Many social services also help single mothers in the application process. These are just a few ways single mothers can be helped by the government. No matter your needs, it’s worth reaching out to these programs to get some assistance!