Seeking some sort of counsel may be the most beneficial thing an individual can do when dealing with a pressing issue in their life. Whether you or a loved one is dealing with one or an assortment of issues, ranging from the physical to the mental to the financial and everything in-between, there are many organizations and services that are free, confidential, and willing to assist you in any way, shape, or form that they can. Look at some of these invaluable sources that could potentially turn problematic situations on their side for the better.


This government-sponsored website is based around the mental health and well-being of individual Americans and how they can obtain help immediately.

2. Dialing “2-1-1” or Visiting

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this service can help refer an individual to many different resources, including emergencies & disasters, crises, food & shelter, health issues, and employment to name a few.

3. Mental Health America

Founded in 1909, Mental Health America leads the nation as a community-based nonprofit devoted to the needs of people with mental illnesses and the advocacy for the overall mental health of Americans. Through education, research and advocacy, MHA has established over 200 affiliates in 41 states with over 10,000 volunteers.

4. The Trevor Project

This non-profit organization is focused on the prevention of suicide and self-inflicted harm among the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning) youth community from ages 13-24. Offering guidance and resources, The Trevor Lifeline is a toll-free telephone number that is operated by trained and confidential service counselors. Their number can be found, along with other helpful information, at The Trevor Project’s website.

5. IMAlive

This organization is the world’s first virtual crisis center that heavily relies on a live online network and utilizes instant messaging services with trained crisis intervention volunteers at the helm. In today’s fast-paced, technological age, it is a breath of fresh air that this simple service can do wonders for those unsure of where to turn when their problems take over.

6. The Crisis Text Line

Utilizing American’s obsession with texting for a good cause, The Crisis Text Line allows a person to text “HOME” to 741741, where a trained counselor will respond on a secure platform and talk to them and walk them through stressful time in their lives.

7. Reach Out

Another one of the United States’ larger counseling organizations, Reach Out is dedicated to embracing and strengthening communities, providing equal access and opportunities to the youth, the development of new skills, searching for career options, all the while believing in the prevention of substance abuse.

The world can seem like a disparaging place from time to time, but it can and will get better. Many of these groups have volunteers and trained counselors ready to help guide you or your loved ones to a better tomorrow.