Whether you’re a workhorse, who will go as far as to work long into the night or on the weekends, or a sloth, who will do everything within their power (or lack thereof) to slowly trudge along and do the bare minimum, you will agree that money is your endgame. One of the easiest ways extra money can be earned is by taking online surveys in the comforts of your home domicile, which should satisfy the workhorse and sloth alike, no? Though making a few dollars less than minimum wage per hour seems less than stellar, surveys are about as easy as it gets, and you’ll be able to sign up for more than one. Because we’re selfless. we’ve compiled a list of some of the web’s best surveys for you, so you to earn a little more money while you sit at home in your boxer shorts, eating cereal, and binge-watch Netflix on your couch over the weekend. You’re welcome. Here are our 6 picks for the best survey sites that will help you earn extra cash while sitting at home.

1.     Panda Research

One of the most significant market research studies and survey databases, Panda Research helps members earn a momentous amount of extra income every month. Much like your paycheck, you’ll be paid twice a month for all of your hard work; add this to the cash flow of your regular income and you’ll be Scrooge McDuck in no time. The type of valuable incentives you receive vary with Panda Research from offer to offer, based on the size and type of the paid offers, but you’ll obtain a $3 signup bonus and have the chance of giving feedback on products from Credit Karma, Disney, and Walmart!

2.     Global Test Market

Founded in 1999, GlobalTestMarket serves over 1,400 participating brands and retailers in 60 countries around the world to help provide a global solution for companies wishing to extend their market of interest. Last year alone, they handed out $30 million in rewards to thousands of members, and some of us here saw these rewards first hand and just had to share the news. Though it is based on global research, participants in surveys will always have relevant information at their disposal. Some of the products available as rewards include Amazon gifts cards, Kohl’s Cash, and even a donation to UNICEF!

3.      Survey Junkie

Opening the window of communication between you (the consumer) and the brands that you love, Survey Junkie’s mission is to integrate and influence brand change for the future. Like most survey sites, sharing your opinion is the way that will get you the money you so desire, so why not? Do you hate free and discounted stuff? Didn’t think so. Signing up and completing your personalized profile will get you matches to surveys about products that you enjoy and utilize in a matter of minutes. You can take survey Junkie Surveys on any type of device anywhere you are at any time. Upon completion of surveys, you’ll receive redeemable points for cash via PayPal or your choice of an array of e-Giftcards!

4.     Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions isn’t short on work—they’ll e-mail members two to five surveys everyday on average! Each survey pays an average of $5, which is high for survey work. If you’re an ingenious individual, you could be looking at an extra $100 worth of gift cards or so every week. Using your time wisely means extra

5.     Springboard America

One of the leading online market research communities in the US, and the most patriotic by name, Springboard America partners with not only massive marketing darlings, but also with smaller household brands, non-for-profit organizations, government bodies, and the media, with some of their polls being conducted to debate current issues.

6.     Toluna

While Toluna is still a survey site, dedicated to changing different brand markets, it also has an emphasis on the social media, with their user interface going above and beyond! While surveys may range from 15 to 20 minutes, there are also polls and opinions to partake in, and participants are more than encouraged to creative their own topic to start in a forum! Much like their fellow competitors, Toluna offers participating members the ability to redeem their survey points for rewards like gift cards to places such as Sears, Gap, Redbox, and Target. We love Target and we know that you love Target, so quite your lollygagging and start now.   Though these aren’t the only survey companies, you should keep a keen eye out for the rewards you seek—there are plenty of scam sites out there. These six, however, are about as legit as it gets!