In the United States today, the cost of living continues to steadily rise. Lower income families and individuals down on their luck need alternative solutions to their income woes, even if steadily working one or two jobs.

Luckily, there are solutions to all of these problems. While money may not be the answer to the world’s problems, it’s a start, especially if it means helping out Americans in need.

We scoured the internet and found three of the best and most diverse grant sites around. These sites exemplify what it means to lend a helping hand. Take a look.

American Social Security Disability

Though this may not apply to everyone seeking financial aid, the American Social Security Disability is definitely a worthy cause on the grant front.

Planning protection on the off chance you become disabled could greatly improve your chances of a healthy and steady life post-disability, as well as improving the lives of your loved ones, should anything happen to you.

The simple application process asks for your basic information, whether or not your case is with an attorney or if you’ve been seeking medical attention. Whatever the case, you should be able to get a little bit of financial relief, should you qualify.

Find Housing Benefits

Find Housing Benefits is geared towards those individuals or families that need government assistance for shelter. There are billions of dollars in assistance available and Find Housing Benefits helps you locate your state benefit and assistance programs.

The resources provided by Find Housing Benefits include discovering the information of your state benefit programs, learning how to successfully apply for housing grants, and learning about rental housing assistance.

Discovering programs for housing, utilities, and home improvements can ease the stress of a family’s search for the right home once they receive their benefits.

Once you submit your information and you qualify, the housing benefits you’ll be able to find include home and rental assistance, food stamps, unclaimed cash in the area, and supplemental utility support. On top of that, Education Grants and Unemployment Assistance are also available to browse.

See if you qualify today to find the home you need with Find Housing Benefits!

USA Grant Search

USA Grant Search will likely be your go-to place to read up on a variety of different grants available for you and loved ones.

The site offers dozens of resources and ways to get started for financial aid applications. Searching for grants by program, demographic, or assistance needs will help you pinpoint what you’re looking for.

You’ll learn how to find grants near you and grants that pertain to housing, education, and small businesses. You can also discover different grants for women, children, minorities, and people with disabilities. You can even find out how to get assistance for utilities! Information about government loans can also give you access to some funding.

USA Grant Search provides Americans with invaluable knowledge to obtain the funding they desperately seek.

Whether or not you qualify outright at one of these grant sites is determined by the assistance you specifically need. We all need to lend a helping hand, and while we wish we could do more, hopefully these resources will do a little bit for now.