Despite women being every bit as equal and respectable as men, inequality between the sexes in the workplace still rears its disgusting head. Fortunately, there are many grant and assistance programs geared specifically towards a female audience to level the playing field and put an end to adversity.

Whether it’s an educational grant, business endeavor-oriented grant, or a grant for a single mother working against extreme conditions, there are ways that women can get assistance when they need it most. Found at the local, state, or national level, and sponsored by nonprofit and government organizations alike, here are a few different programs and ways that a grant can be obtained.

Job Training

Labor is what makes all the cogs in the world’s engine move, however, because of obstacles like location or hardship, some women do not have access to a stable means of gaining the training for work. A few government-backed opportunities, such as the Workforce Investment Act, help individuals prepare for the workplace by finding them classes, on the job training, search tools, and the overall education that will get them employed. While not directly restricted to finding women work, many take advantage of this invaluable opportunity.


While labor and wages tend to be of great importance, it is education that is of the highest priority for many women across the country. Women working to support their family as the primary wage earner can go back to school with the Women’s Opportunity Award. College undergraduates who demonstrate an exceptional need for financial aid to further their education can apply for the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant or a Federal Pell Grant and receive anywhere between $100 and $4,000 for the former and up to $5,500 for the latter.

Room and Board

Housing is another possible area where women can attain funding, especially if they’re the primary wager earner in their home. Single mothers may face many difficulties raising their children, as well; whether its struggling to pay for food or for clothing, housing is an area where many women may qualify for assistance and obtain some much-needed relief.

Here are some great programs:

  • Section 8—This program exists to help families in need afford safe rental housing with decent costs of rent and utilities.
  • American Dream Down Payment Initiative—This organization helps with down payments for first time home buyers.
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program—This program offers assistance for utilities.

Small Business Endeavors

Many women are self-starters and have the know how to run a business better than their supervisor—so they do. Part of the planning of starting a company comes from long-term goals and the knowledge behind business. This is where many small business owners will apply for a helpful grant to make their dream become a reality.

Small Business Innovation Research awards around $2 Billion a year to small businesses of 500 employees or less around the United States. The Small Business Administration provides financial assistance programs, resources, and information for those who are just starting out in their endeavor.

If you’re a mother who has a fantastic idea, whether original or an improvement on a current standard, Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Program can help you get up to $15,000 in grant money for an innovation.


Whether you’re a young undergrad, a single mother, or a business woman, there are several options to get financial aid and grant money, so that you can keep improving the lives of your family and improving the outlook on the world.