To address the challenges facing society’s underrepresented communities of people, minority grant awards have been established and permitted to those seeking opportunities in business, research, housing, job training, and of course, education.

Like most awards, minority grants are lucrative and highly competitive. Your chances of obtaining the specific grant you want may not always work out in your favor, and that’s okay since there are many different programs for many different people. The best part of these awards is that as long you, your loved ones, or your business continues to maintain eligibility, you will never have to pay the funding back.

Grants for Minorities

There are two categories when establishing yourself as a candidate for a minority grant: ethnic and non-ethnic. In the United States, ethnic minorities are typically categorized as African American, Asian American, Hispanic, and Native American. Non-ethnic minorities are women in predominately male fields or those with disabilities.

The purpose of these grants is to benefit those underrepresented in various fields so they to can make a difference. These grants will make a difference for those recipients seeking access to higher education and professional advancement, through the funding to pay for the likes of housing, perishables, and whatever else they should need.

Grant programs are available through federal, state, or local government bodies, but private awards are also available via non-profit organizations, colleges or universities, private companies, and local businesses. Some state-level awards, and even some private grants, originate with money provided by the federal government.

Here are a few of the different types of minority grants and a few of the ways they can affect an individual’s life.

Education Grants

If it wasn’t obvious, education grants are based around the financial need of the individual applicant. Interested in more information about education grants? Take a look at our in-depth look at education grants or visit the Department of Education’s database.

Business Grants

Unlike education grants geared towards minority students, the Federal Government does not offer any sort of grant for starting a business. However, there are several business agencies and crowdfunding sites that could help get a business off the ground. Business owners may use minority grants in ways of obtaining stability for their employees, in-terms of child care and job training.

Some of the areas of business that are able to receive some form of funding via grant are R&D (Research and Development) departments and programs based around the needs of the community.

Job-Training Grants

Job-training grants, minority or otherwise, are usually funded and handled at the state or even local level. The Deptartment of Labor’s website has a few helpful hints on how to find some of these invaluable grants and job opportunities.

Housing Opportunity Grants

Based around the financial need of the individual applicant in question, Housing Grants are handled from the government’s Department of Housing and Urban Development. Affordable housing for minority students, employees, and others can be found at their website.

Securing a grant can be a pestering process, especially for those who consider themselves a minority, but there are many agencies and organizations out there willing to help you better your future for whatever goal you have in your mind.