In today’s society, having a car is nearly a requirement for having a successful career. It allows you to confidentially say you can make it to and from work. Unfortunately, attaining a car is not always feasible. But there are ways to obtain a car for little to no cost. People often donate unwanted cars for a tax write-off. Non-profits then take these cars and sell them to help get money to aid in their many programs. The agencies that acquire these cars either donate them to other non-profits or simply give them to people who cannot afford a car.

Low income individuals can often find it difficult to obtain a useable car. Public transportation is not always reliable, so having a car can make your life much easier. Certain groups or financial establishments have created programs that help poor individuals find low-cost or completely free vehicles. Those individuals receiving these cars can then get to their jobs or job interviews. Goodwill groups help by creating programs to help physically disabled people obtain employment with the help of these funds.

Low Cost Vehicles

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Generally when cars are donated, some places will sell them at a reduced rate and use this income to help families in the area that are struggling to make ends meet. You can trust that if you’re receiving a car from one of these organizations, you’re getting the best rate for the car and your money is going to a good cause. Your interest rates will be low, and the price of the vehicle will be far below market value. If you find yourself in a situation where you have multiple wage-earning individuals in one house, a car is a necessity, and this is a fantastic way of obtaining one.

Donated/Free Cars

In order to receive a donated/free car, be sure to bring your driver’s license, evidence of income, proof of insurance and proof of government assistance. You also need to find the information of those individuals that work with donated/free cars. To find this information, visit sites like Online Car Donation and Free Charity Cars. Each charity has different requirements for getting a car from them, so make sure you look these up before visiting the organization.

For example, with Free Charity Cars, you’ll need to set up a profile before visiting them to let them know the reasons you need a free car. This profile will help you receive “votes.” These “votes” must be tallied before you’re selected for a free vehicle. Groups that may be accepted are survivors of abuse, military families, war vets and disabled individuals. You must complete all the paperwork required with accurate information before applying. Once an application is received, the organization goes to work looking for a donated car. Applications may include metrics like income source, family resources, assets and size of the household.

Be sure to bring all necessary documentation when you’re acquiring a vehicle. These essentials include driver’s licenses, proof of insurance and/or evidence of revenue source. If you receive aid from the government due to lack of employment, you will need to prove this. The length of time it takes to obtain a car varies. You could be put on a waiting list or you could immediately drive off the lot with your vehicle. It just depends on the charities’ resources and your qualifications.

Hopefully you’ll be able to evade some of the financial bumps in the road and get an affordable vehicle to get you back on the road, safe and sound, while keeping a handful of cash in your pocket.