Have you recently lost your job? Are you worried about losing your job? Are you sick of your job in general? If you’re in desperate need of cash or can’t quit your job because you can’t lose your source of income, then we have some answers for you.

Thanks to the Internet, you can make money with ease and on your own watch. Say goodbye to wondering where your next pay check will come from. Say goodbye to your financial worries. Say goodbye to the repetitive nine-to-five hours. Say hello to three cash cow websites that can help you earn extra money from home and even start replacing your primary income.

1. Upwork

If you enjoy creativity, then Upwork is the place for you. The website helps writers, designers, web and mobile developers, virtual assistants and more find and join the perfect project for them. You never have the leave the comfort of your home.

Upwork is a free service and when you register for it, you should treat it as if you’re filling out a resume. It’s what the employers on Upwork are going to see when you apply for their jobs. You can set your desired rate of pay as well, though Upwork takes a small portion of it as a fee when you get paid for completing a project.

You’re given 60 “connections” per month on Upwork. Think of it as spending your tokens for arcade games at Chuck E. Cheese’s. You use these connections to apply for the projects you want to do, in addition to writing a brief cover letter and possibly attaching previous work examples.

2. Rover

If you love dogs, then Rover is the perfect way for you to earn money at home. Rover is a service that sets dog sitters and walkers up with dog owners in need of some help. You could be called upon to walk a dog, drop-in to play with a dog, watch a dog during the work day either in your own home or your client’s home and even have a dog board with you for an extended stay.

Rover is determined to only hire quality dog people, so the company will conduct a background check on you for a small fee. To prove this is serious, Rover says less than 20% of applicants are accepted.

If you’re accepted, you can set your own hours and your rate of pay, though Rover does take out a small portion of your earnings as a fee. But if you’re able to book enough visits, you can make a good chunk of change while spending time with your new furry best friends.

3. Chegg Tutors

Did you love school? Then you’ll love making money by tutoring online with Chegg Tutors. You select your favorite subjects and whenever you feel like logging in, Chegg will send you students that currently need your assistance.

You’ll get paid weekly and have the chance to make some good money. Chegg touts that the top 5% of their tutors earned over $1000 per month from September 2015 to February 2016.

Why get up to go work at a tutoring center when you can sit on your couch and help students out with Chegg Tutors?

Take back control of your financial situation by ditching your income worries. Whether you’re jobless or can’t stand your job, these three websites will assist you in paying your bills and setting your own work schedule. Start a new chapter in your life with these resources today.