A phrase you hear often is, “the children are our future.” It may be cliché, but it’s not wrong. To ensure the future is in reliable hands, it’s a good idea to immerse your children in education from their very first day on Earth.

Education isn’t cheap, just look at the average cost of college tuition. For the 2017-2018 school year, the average cost of tuition was $34,699 for a private college, $21,632 for an out-of-state student at a public college and $9,528 for an in-state student at a public college, according to U.S. News. That’s just for four years of undergraduate education. That’s not factoring in the years of pre-K through 12th grade, the school supplies, the school clothes, the new shoes, gym uniforms and the list continues forever.

To ensure your children’s education will get off to a flying start, provide them with numerous opportunities to inspire their interest in learning.

1. ABC Mouse

As a parent in search of quality programs for your children’s education, you’re looking for a comprehensive and extensive curriculum. As a young child, you want to be learning things that are fun and exciting over something dull and boring, like math.

Parents and children can have the best of both worlds with ABC Mouse. It has 9,000 learning activities and over 850 lesson plans to keep education engaging, creative and fun. This curriculum is made for children ages 2-8. The activities and lessons encompass all types of learning abilities and skill sets and include things like, books, songs, music videos, games, puzzles, art, printable content and much more. ABC Mouse’s Early Learning Academy is also award-winning. It has won the Mom’s Choice GOLD Award, the Teachers’ Choice Award and the Parents’ Choice GOLD Award.

ABC Mouse offers a free 30-day trial, so you can test out the website and its curriculum to see if it’s the right fit for your children. You can have four profiles on one account. One is for the parent and there are three spots for children. If you’re ecstatic about the education ABC Mouse has to offer, you can purchase the plan for less than $10 per month and you can cancel at any time. Try out ABC Mouse to give your children a boost in their education.

2. Baby Einstein Book Club

“There is no substitute for books in the life of a child,” American author Mary Ellen Chase once said. The Baby Einstein Book Club can start putting books into your children’s hands during infancy.

For less than $6, Baby Einstein will send you three books based upon your children’s ages and one pack of six bright imagery discover cards. The books can be wipe-clean board books or squishy plush books. These books and cards allows you to introduce your babies to music, art, nature, animals and—most importantly—language! Not only will these books help your children learn to love reading, but they’ll help make connections to real world objects and concepts. There’s free shipping on your first order and you can also cancel your plan at any time.

A love for reading is a gift that keeps on giving. Give that gift to your children as infants and they’ll pick up reading as a hobby for the rest of their lives, thanks to Baby Einstein Book Club!

3. Disney Book Club

Admit it, Disney movies made a big impact on your childhood. You probably watched dozens of movies on repeat and had your favorite characters. You probably sang your favorite songs daily. If you haven’t already, pass that love for Disney down to your children! If they love the movies, they’re going to love the books. Disney books are great ways to inspire children to read because, if they already love the characters, they’re going to want to find out more about them.

With the Disney Book Club, you can purchase four books for 99¢ each and also receive free shipping. Choose books about Belle and the Beast, Elsa, Nemo, Ariel and her sea friends, Tinker Bell, Woody and Buzz, Pooh Bear and so many more. Additionally, you’ll receive a Disney activity book, activity stickers and companion eBooks for free!

Typically, when you subscribe to the Disney Book Club, you’ll receive three books per month, so the Disney magic doesn’t end after one order. Keep in mind, prices may vary after your first order.  But you’ll be so happy to see your children’s faces light up when they see their Disney books and you’ll be even happier to see them fostering their love of reading at such a young age.

4. Dr. Seuss Book Club

If you like green eggs and ham, you’re going to love this deal for your children. The Dr. Seuss Book Club offers four high-quality hardcover books for just 99¢ each as well as free shipping!

We all read Dr. Seuss books growing up, so keep the tradition alive with the next generation. You can pick from all your favorite childhood classic stories. These books are the perfect books to have your children start reading. The rhymes will teach your children about the English language and make them laugh. Over 10 million people have participated in the Dr. Seuss Book Club. Try the club and let Dr. Seuss’ stories make a positive impact on your children today!

5. Elmo’s Learning Adventure

Elmo and his Sesame Street pals want to help your pre-school children start their academic careers on the right path. Elmo’s Learning Adventure is a school-readiness program that focuses on bettering children’s essential skills including discovery, health and fitness, friendship, words, critical thinking, colors and shapes, numbers, reading and writing and everyday routines.

Elmo’s Learning Adventure comes with three learning kits for less than $4 plus free shipping. When you join Elmo’s club, you’ll receive two new Learning Adventure Kits each month, which contain an activity book, a hardcover storybook and activity cards. You’ll also receive tie-in activities online! This is valued at nearly $45, but you’ll get it for a $41 discount!

Sesame Street has been educating children since 1969 and it’s still going strong. Help your pre-schoolers get acclimated to education with Elmo’s Learning Adventure today!

6. World of Wisdom (WOW)

Want somewhere your children can go for learning, reading and homework support while having fun at the same time? Then WOW (World of Wisdom) is the perfect place to go. The homework support spans over 40,000 topics, has tons of crisp and interactive images, has speech-to-text capability, notecards, outlines and much more. There are over 400 exclusive World Book eBooks available to students, which can be saved offline to be read at any time. There are over 500 fun and educational games for your little scholars to put their new knowledge to the test and enhance their skills.

All this knowledge only costs $1 per week. You also receive a seven-day free trial when you initially register. You don’t have to break the bank to give your children all the supplemental education they deserve. Sign them up for WOW today!

Giving your children the opportunity to learn and receive a great education is one of the biggest duties and concerns for parents. These programs can help your children get excellent supplemental educational lessons as well as give them the building blocks to build a love for learning for extremely low monthly costs. Take advantage of these bargains and help foster your children’s education as soon as possible.