After you leave work for the day, what is the first thing you think about doing when you get home? Is it cooking? Watching T.V or a movie? Sleeping? What’s one thing you can’t wait to do on the weekends? Regardless of what you like to do, your hobbies could bring in side income or even become your new work-from-home, full-time job!

Don’t roll your eyes and dismiss the thought completely! Whether you’re out of work, a stay-at-home parent, or if you’re just looking to pick up extra cash in your spare time, check out these five examples of hobbies turned profitable and you’ll start believing you can make yours profitable as well!


Do you enjoy making crafts or building things in your spare time? Have you ever thought about doing it for profit? Well, good news! There is quite a market for crafty items and unique, hand-built objects. The prime example of this market is Etsy. In fact,’s About Page claims it is the “global marketplace for unique and creative goods […] from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures.” In 2017 alone, more than 33 million buyers around the world spent over $3 million on products listed on Etsy. You can cash in on this lucrative market, too!

Whether you enjoy knitting, crocheting, painting or if you enjoy making jewelry, wall decorations, candles or pieces of furniture, you can sell it on Etsy. The best part is you can still control the amount of items you produce and when you make them. But now, your goods will be spread around the country—potentially even the world. This will grow your customer base and before you know it, you could be swimming in profits! The possibilities are endless.


Do you like to grow your own fruits, veggies and flowers? Do you end up having too big a harvest and find yourself begging friends and family members to take the extras? Try selling them and creating your own produce stand instead!

You don’t have to make the immediate jump into having a huge booth at a local farmer’s market. Start small by creating a small booth on your property. To get the word out about what you’re doing, put signs up in your area. As you gain more exposure, you’ll find yourself making extra money you didn’t have before!

Take that money and save it up to make a bigger garden. Maybe a few years down the line, you can join in the local farmer’s market and double your income from your original lawn stand. If you’re going to grow produce on your own anyway, why not try to become twice as profitable while you’re at it?


If you love video games, you may already watch streams of other gamers playing what you like or speed running your favorite games from the past. Have you ever thought about giving it a shot yourself? Websites like can help you turn your hobby into a profitable line of work!

You won’t make money overnight on Twitch. When you first start out, you must build up a following of people watching you play video games. Eventually when you gain enough exposure, you can join Twitch’s Affiliate Program. This program will allow you to start earning income! The program helps you continue to build your audience and become a “Twitch Partner.” You can earn by accepting subscriptions from viewers (who pay to watch you play!) and you can also get paid from the sale of games or in-game items. To qualify for the program, you need at least 50 followers over the last 30 days, at least 500 minutes of broadcasts under your belt, 7 unique broadcast days and an average of 3+ concurrent viewers.

It takes a lot of hard work to become a profitable video game streamer, but it’s possible! For example, look at LobosJR. He worked his way up in the Twitch world to have over 293,000 followers and now he primarily streams video games for a living! You could be the next Lobos, but you won’t know until you try, right?


Tutoring is one of the most stable hobbies and jobs around. As long as schooling is around—or any activity you need to practice—there will be a need for tutors. If you play music, swim, or just enjoy math, you can turn your talents into tutoring sessions.

You can post a homemade advertisement on public bulletin boards around town or hand out flyers to neighbors and ask if they know anyone that needs help in your area of expertise to initially get started. After you get your first few clients, you’re likely to gain more exposure and more customers! Not only are you helping others, but you’re putting your skills to work and earning a profit!


Chances are you might have babysat younger siblings or the neighbor kids when you were in your teenage years. Those days don’t have to be history! If you know a co-worker, extended family member or neighbor who needs someone to watch their kids for the occasional date night or weekend trip, don’t be afraid to volunteer!

If you do a good job of watching the kids, your new client can refer you to others and your customer base will grow! If you’re not the best with kids, you can always offer to watch pets as well. Either way, this hobby can rapidly become profitable for you in no-time!

Now that the wheels are spinning in your mind, feel free to test the waters with your hobbies to see if they can be profitable. You never know where your new career path can take you!