Buying new tech toys probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of ways to save money. However, you’d be surprised how handy some of these products can be. From fixing minor inconveniences to potentially saving you thousands of dollars; 2018 is a big year for useful tech.


Is your car making a weird sound? Is the check engine light on? Your first instinct is…probably to ignore it and hope it goes away before becoming a bigger problem. Your second instinct is likely to take it to a mechanic. Unless you know things about cars, or have a person you know you can trust, a trip to the mechanic can be a dubious affair. It’s hard to know if they’re being upfront with you, or just gouging you for extra money. FIXD is an app that can take away some of that uncertainty. Modern cars pretty much universally have onboard computers that regulate and monitor the functions of your automobile. Many car shops have a diagnostic tool that they can plug in and get the code of what’s wrong with the vehicle. FIXD is essentially a home version of this tool that makes it easy for anyone to understand and transmits the information to an app on your phone. It even gives you an estimate of how much it should cost to get it fix… repaired. FIXD is kind of a game changer at about $60 on Amazon. You can find less expensive diagnostic tools that will offer varying degrees of success.


If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping, you know how debilitating it can be. Not only is boring in the moment, it can derail your entire day. That’s why there’s such a booming chemical sleep-aid industry. If pills and drugs are not for you, consider trying Dodow. It’s effectively a light projector that leads you in breathing exercises, advertised to get you to sleep in no more than 20 minutes. The machine shuts down after a preselected time so as not to waste power. Customer reviews are frankly all over the place. For some, it’s a godsend. For others, it’s an overpriced light show. At around $60 a pop, you can see if it works for you. Be aware though, they seem to charge for returns. Proceed with caution.

Snap SmartCam

There’s no delicate way around it, this is a spy cam. We’re going to assume you are using it for legitimate purposes like keeping an eye on people in your home when you’re not around (babysitters, cleaning services, etc). The beauty of this particular spy cam is that it is disguised as a phone charger. In fact, it actually is a phone charger! It just also happens to have a camera in it. It works great for security as well. There has been an epidemic in this country of strangers taking packages left by delivery people. If you can find the right angle, you might be that much closer to finding the culprit. If not, you’ll at least have evidence your property was stolen. There are tons of (reputable) applications for this $47 surveillance tech.

Learning Thermostats

Heating and cooling a home can be a huge expense. Not to mention, a wasted one if no one is around to enjoy it. This is where smart thermostats come in. They learn what you feel is comfortable, keep it at that level while you’re around, and conserve energy when you are not. In fact, they know how long it will take to get to your desired temperature and can start getting it ready through the use of an app if it knows your estimated time of arrival. If you already have Alexa, it even works with voice control. Of course, you also have to have centralized heating and air conditioning. Not only will it save you money, it has a futuristic design that will instantly modernize your home. Don’t let the $200+ price tag scare you off. This is a cool product…or hot, if that’s more comfortable. (That was the last pun, I swear.) Depending on your needs, tech toys that might otherwise seem kind of pricey can actually save you a pretty penny in the long run. Keep an ear to the ground for more innovations that can make your life a little easier!