What if I told you there’s a job that is not only hungry for new employees but also willing to pay upwards of $80,000 a year. You’d probably ask me “what’s the catch?” Depending who you are, it’s a fairly substantial one.

Truck Drivers Wanted

The trucking industry is the lifeblood of our nation. When things need to get shipped, it’s largely by trucks. Despite this fact, the number of new truck drivers is woefully behind the demand. That’s good for anyone looking for a new job.

The demand is so high that trucking companies will pay prospective employees to train and earn the specific licenses necessary to legally work in the field. That means you don’t need any prior skills to step into this lucrative business (save for knowing how to drive, perhaps). If you think the demand is high now, it is only expected to rise exponentially in the near future. So why is it so hard to find truck drivers?

Life as a Truck Driver

Driving a truck cross country is an irregular job. The truth is, despite how much people hem and haw about getting up and going to their cubicle job, most people appreciate the regularity in their lives. That is not something you’ll find as a truck driver. Driving a freight truck is not a 9 to 5 gig.

This means lots of time away from your family. This isn’t just a psychological problem. If something happens while you’re several states away, there’s nothing you can do but travel home as fast as possible. This is especially problematic for a single parent.

There’s a physical toll as well. Driving is an activity. As a truck driver, you’ll be doing it for extended periods of time. Moreover, that’s extended periods of time away from home. That means lots of street food, few showers, and little time in your own bed.

Is It Worth It?

Yet, many truck drivers would recommend the lifestyle to people on the fence about it. Why? If you don’t have a problem driving or learning how to drive a huge truck, it’s relatively easy money without the need for a college degree. In a time where even people with college degrees are hurting for work, this is a profession that is so hungry for applicants that they are willing to offer signing bonuses.

Is it a career aspiration? Many drivers would say, no. While the bonus is great initially, and it’s almost a guaranteed hire, after a while, the pay falls short of what someone with the same skill set can make in a different field.

It also creates a very sedentary life. You’re sitting pretty much all the time and unless you choose to eat healthily, that lifestyle will be compounded by the road diet. If you decide to become a truck driver, you’ll need to make sure you are getting adequate amounts of exercise to offset all the sitting around you’ll be doing.

If you’ve been trying to get something going, have been otherwise unsuccessful, and don’t absolutely need to be close to home at all times, truck driving could be a great way to strike out and create an influx of cash, at least initially.