The season has officially changed over from summer:  it’s now football season! Sundays have officially been dedicated strictly to sitting on the couch and watching the pigskin get thrown around with family and friends.

Now, football parties with many people can be a ton of fun, but they’re not always economical. But if you take the time to strategically plan out your shindig, you can successfully host a football party on even the tightest budget!


You don’t have to provide all the food for your football party.  You can offer one main course, one appetizer or one big pitcher of a beverage of your choice, but that’s it! Tell your guests to bring a plate with them to share. The more people you have over, the more food and drink will be in your kitchen without you having to pay a cent!


What’s a football party without chips and dip? Without a doubt, it’s a key staple to having a good time. But buying premade dips can cost you a lot of money to cover the labor that went into making them. Not to mention you’ll probably need more than one container because a single bowl won’t satisfy the snack-hunger of all your guests!

Avoid overpaying by making your favorite dip from scratch. Sure, you’ll have to buy more items than just the one premade dip. But chances are you’ll get more bang for your buck this way! By handmaking the dip, you can get double the amount of dip for less than the cost of buying multiple premade dips.


If you’re going to have food delivered to your house for the game, ask your guests to pitch in and help cover the cost because delivery can be expensive! You’ve decided to graciously host your guests, so the least they can do is help you pitch in for food!


If you’re into decorating for parties, then more power to you. But you don’t have to go all out for the weekly Sunday football party. Take a ride to your local dollar store to hunt for football themed decorations. You might be surprised at what you find, especially around Super Bowl time. You could find plastic football bowls, football-themed paper plates and napkins, football confetti and so much more.


If you want to watch a big game and you’re thinking about going the pay-per-view route to do so, charge your guests a small cover charge to regain the money you’re dishing out for the game. (Once again, the more people you invite, the better off you are for this one.) Some guests might not necessarily agree with it, but you can always explain to them how you’re trying to keep costs low while having a good time with everyone!

Football season isn’t just about cheering on your favorite team to victory. It’s also about spending time with those you care about the most and with fellow fans. If you want to host a football party so you can cheer on your team with your favorite people, don’t be discouraged by a lack of funds because it’s quite simple to host a football party on a budget!