Halloween is only a few short weeks away. As fun as the holiday can be, it can also be extremely expensive – depending on your level of commitment. Between all the festivities and the costumes and the decorations, it can all add up. The fact that this year’s Halloween falls on a Wednesday can make it even worse. Some people will celebrate the weekend before. Some people will celebrate the day of. As weird as it is, some people might even celebrate the weekend after. You don’t want to be the person in the same costume at three events, do you?

Well, there are ways to be thrifty while still having a good time without resorting to a sheet with holes in it as a costume. Here’s what you can do.


You may be tempted to go to one of the many events hosted by a bar or a club. Unless they have an amazing special, it’s a sucker bet. Most clubs will have a $20 cover charge minimum. If they don’t have an actual drink minimum, you’ll still probably want to get one or two. Hopefully, the drinks aren’t hiked up for the special occasion. Clubs are something of a money pit anyway, but especially so on holidays, and even more so on holidays that revolve around partying.

Specials to look out for are flat rates for entrance and drinks. But even then, this can be a bad move too. If you only plan on getting a few drinks, a $60 drink all night special is a huge waste of money.

The solution is simple; find parties. A house party is going to be cheaper, pretty much every time. It will either be BYOB and free, or have a significantly more reasonable cover charge and provide the refreshments for you.

You could even potentially throw the party yourself. This is a lot of work, and frankly, you probably won’t have as much fun. But, you can keep costs low by making the event BYOB.


This is the important part. The best advice I can give you is don’t buy a store costume. Just don’t do it. It’s not worth it. Not only are these costumes usually obnoxiously expensive, but they also aren’t usually very impressive. If you plan on going to multiple events, they get lame pretty quick.

The solution is simple; be creative. A creative topical costume will beat a crappy Batman costume every day of the week. Look at the past year and think about what has been the biggest part of popular culture.

these costumes usually aren’t as involved as you might think they are. The more creative the costume, the more attention you’ll get.

Want to know what the best Halloween costume store is? A thrift shop. The best part is that some of the clothes you get on the cheap for your costume can double as regular clothes throughout the rest of the year when you separate them.


Decorations are only for those most committed to all hallows eve. Fortunately, most dollar stores get as into the spirit as everyone else. Another great thing about making spooky ambiance is that less is more. Sure, you could make your house super cartoony, with paper skeletons and orange lights. However, well-placed cobwebs and a few splashes of red paint (to represent blood) can be so much more effective…and inexpensive.

Happy Halloween, folks!