Do you struggle to maintain an efficient budget every month? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

A recent Market Watch study found that nearly HALF of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck and 19% have NO money saved to cover emergency expenses!

If you find yourself as part of these statistics, don’t panic. You can start taking small steps to break the habit of living paycheck-to-paycheck AND you can start saving for emergencies and the future TODAY.

Check out some of the small changes I made in my life to help me get back on track to financial stability.


Make HUNDREDS in your free time by taking online surveys from home! I dedicated a few hours to participate in market research surveys and made a quick extra $100 thanks to OpinionCity. Depending on how devoted you are to market research, you could make more or less than what I made. In fact, OpinionCity connects you to ALL types of market research on the Internet. It’s a one-stop shop, so you’ll never run out of surveys to take by visiting “OC”!


If you own a car and have car insurance, you can make some extra money with your ride! Whether you need a lot of money or a little, you can drive as many hours per week as you like for Uber. I earn an average of $420 per month by doing so and you could, too!


Don’t make fun of the mom in front of you in the checkout line at the grocery store with her 50 coupons because she’s saving some SERIOUS cash! There are tons of places to get coupons from, but Inbox Pays gives you coupons while also rewarding you for reading emails, referring friends and more! I saved $82 last month by using coupons from Inbox Pays and earned $33 from its paid opportunities.


You may think you’re already getting the best deal on your car insurance, but are you really? Do your research and have insurance companies fight for your business because it can LOWER your car insurance rate. Personally, I switched my auto insurance via USInsuranceOnline and saved $46 per month!


Today, it seems like no one pays for things with cash anymore. All purchases are seemingly made on credit cards, which can lead to a lot of debt! If you find yourself using credit to make most of your purchases, you should look into finding a NEW credit card with a lower interest rate. My Simple Credit Match helped me find a new credit card to fit my lifestyle AND it saved me nearly $15 per month!


We all know that we’re overcharged for our T.V. service. So, cut the cord and drop your cable bill! Get an HD TV Antenna instead from TVNowPro. I made the switch from a major cable provider and was able to keep ALL my favorite channels. You know what the best part is? I saved $59 per month by switching! I’ve never been happier with my television provider.


If you’re a homeowner with a mortgage, you know how much that monthly payment drains your bank account. It doesn’t have to always be that bad though! Do your research and look into refinancing your mortgage. You can find the perfect organization to help you refinance your mortgage with the help of websites like Slash My House Payment. I saved $145 per month on my payment due to that website’s assistance!


An additional cost that homeowners know all too well is homeowners insurance. USInsuranceOnline can also easily help you lower the cost of your payment on this bill. You’ll receive free quotes when you fill out the application. In fact, I saved $31 by using this organization’s help!

When you break it down by how much money I earned and saved over the course of a year, I gave myself nearly an extra $900 every month to spend or save however I want!

YOU have the capability of growing that dollar-amount exponentially! What are you waiting for? Start taking the steps to become better-off financially today!