With Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday all firmly in the rearview mirror; it is officially the most wonderful time of the year. With all the holly and the jolly comes an uptick in commercialism. More and more people are buying their holiday presents and anything else they may want or need online. It’s much more convenient than fighting crowds at a store, and the selection is better. There’s really only one drawback, but it’s a major one…


Porch Pirates

Despite the fun alliterative nickname, porch pirates are no joke. They literally drive around looking for packages to steal, and now is their busy season. It is a nationwide epidemic. You can’t be home at all times. Most packages are delivered while people are at work.

Compounding the issue, if you don’t have tracking on your package you may not even realize the crime has occurred until a few days after the fact. That can make finding the culprit all the harder to find. So, what can you do about it?

Fighting Porch Pirates


One of the more common methods of protecting yourself from porch pirates is installing cameras. The idea is that the camera itself will serve as a deterrent. Furthermore, you can see the person committing the crime in the act if they are daring enough to try anyway.

There are a few issues with cameras. First of all, they are not always an effective deterrent. Some robbers may not even see the cameras. Others just might not care. Second, even if you can see the action as it’s committed, you still lose your property. Moreover, the offender may be wearing things to obscure their appearance.

That said, video footage of a theft may make it easier to get your stolen items replaced by the retailer you got them from.

Different Destinations

A more practical solution is to have your package sent to someone you trust who you know will be around to receive it. A friend who works from home, a relative who is retired, the less time a package sits unattended, the lower the likelihood of it being stolen.

If no one in your life fits the bill, there are professional locations you can have your packages sent to. Amazon has one called Amazon Lockers.

Outdoor Security

You could always buy an outdoor lock box, if you regularly receive packages, though there are a few more high tech options on the market these days.

If you don’t want a full-on safe next to your front door, you might want to consider the Porch Pirate Bag. It seals and can be attached to your door or gate.

To go even more high-tech, you can get the Package Guard platform. It has a sensor that can tell when something is put on or taken off of it. If a package is taken off of it without putting in a special code, the owner is sent a message and a loud alarm sounds. Hopefully, it’s enough to scare off the would-be thief.

Safe Delivery Options

Your best bet is probably just to make sure your package must be signed for or that the delivery person must make sure someone is there to receive it. Most delivery services have the option for an additional charge. However, it’s much less than some of the other ideas on here and the peace of mind is worth it.