Are you a coupon shopper? A lot of people pay way more for things than they actually need to simply because they ignore discounts and coupons.

One of the most popular sources of coupons is Groupon. They have deals and discounts on pretty much everything. From food to clothes to power tools; you name it, you can probably find it on Groupon.

It’s true; Groupon can be a great resource if you know what you’re getting into. That’s what we’re here to help you with today. We’ve got a few things you should keep in mind when using Groupon.

Terms and Conditions WILL Apply

When it comes to deals and coupons, the terms and conditions are not just suggestions. If the offer says you can’t use it on Saturday, and you come in on Saturday, you’re probably not going to be too jazzed about it.

Conditions like that are obvious. Some of the more subtle terms could be that the discount is only good on certain food items or there may be a minimum number of guests required. There may even be additional fees or minimum amount you need to spend in order to use the coupon. Sometimes the terms and conditions can make an otherwise great sounding deal not worth it.

The point is, don’t just fall for the big green numbers saying “50% off.” Read everything about the offer so you know what you’re getting.

Cut Out the Middleman

Not everyone uses Groupon because not everyone has to. The fact that an establishment is offering deals means that they are trying to drive of up business. In this regard, Groupon is quite literally a middleman. Of course, Groupon doesn’t work for free. Any deal you get from them will have their cut built into it.

If you can find a way to cut out the middleman, you may be able to get a much better deal for yourself. Of course, this won’t always work. But, it can’t hurt to contact the establishment you’re interested in and see if you can get a similar or better deal.


Moreover, some of the things listed on Groupon aren’t specials at all. You may end up paying for something you could have gotten either cheaper or for free. Groupon isn’t just a discount site for you. It’s a way for smaller businesses to get their brand to a much larger client base.

A great way to use Groupon is to look for the things you want, find an offer you’re interested in and then do a search to see if you can find a better deal somewhere else. Groupon doesn’t need to be the end of the road. In fact, it’s a much better place to start than end.

Granted, this isn’t to say that Groupon won’t be the best deal out there for what you’re looking for. It’s just a good idea to do a little research before whipping out the credit card.

Plan Accordingly

Most Groupons expire. This is especially important when it comes to activities. Businesses that offer activities can only do whatever it is they do so many times in a day. You don’t want to waste the money you spent by waiting till the last minute and finding the activity you wanted all booked up. If at all possible, make reservations. The sooner you make them after buying the Groupon, the better.