Stress (on top of being uncomfortable in and of itself) is downright unhealthy. If I were to ask you, “What stresses out Americans the most?” I’m fairly confident you would come up with the right answer. Money. More specifically, money problems. Unhealthy can actually mean a lot of things. Most people realize that the stress caused by money troubles can have an adverse effect psychologically or even emotionally. However, you might be surprised to learn that it can have a physical effect as well.


Interestingly, there is a huge misconception that depression is not a physical problem. In reality, depression isn’t just one thing. There is an extremely unhealthy stigma around depression that suggests that it is something less serious than it is. The “If you feel sad, just get over it” mentality is more harmful than helpful. Depression is often caused by the brain’s physical composition, but it can also change the brain’s composition itself. This is to say nothing of how it can lead to self-harm and even suicide. If you feel symptoms of depression take them seriously and seek the aid of a professional.


It’s difficult to describe the pain of a migraine to someone who has never had one. Anything you say seems like an exaggeration. However, those who have had them know exactly how devastating they can be. If you are prone to migraines already, financial stress can increase both the intensity and frequency with which they occur.

Sleep Issues

It is not uncommon to lose sleep when something weighs heavy on your mind. Very few things keep people up at night more than money woes. Sleeplessness is not just a quality of life problem though. Your body needs sleep to function properly. Moreover, it needs sleep to grow (in the case of younger people) and heal (in the case of adults). Even worse, problems resulting from a lack of sleep can make your money problems that much worse. Poor performance at work, a weakened immune system, and weight gain can all be tied to sleep loss.

Blood Pressure and Heart Problems

The other issues are bad, but these can be life-threatening. What’s more, they are both expensive to treat. Blood pressure medication can cost over $700 a year. Heart problems have been the leading cause of death in America for years. Both of these issues can be caused by the added strain of stress.

What Can You Do?

I wish this was the part where I gave you some magic bullet to solve all of your financial problems or some special meditation to wash all your stress away. I can’t do that. What I can do is tell you that you are probably going to worry about money. It is probably going to keep you up at night sometimes. It’s going to stress you out. What you can do is find ways to decompress. Know that excessive stress is dangerous and find ways to alleviate it. Figure out how to channel the negative energy produced by your situation into something positive that might help you get out of it. I once heard someone say, “If something is outside of my control, what use is there in worrying about it? If something is inside my control, what use is there of worrying about it?”