Today, nearly everything we do is online somehow. It doesn’t matter if it’s work, video games, conference calling, getting directions to places, you name it! But what do you do when the Internet suddenly isn’t available? What if the Internet is being worked on by your provider or if there’s a power outage? How do you adapt? We have some tips on how you can avoid panic and get by when you’re off the grid.

While Working

If the Internet goes out while you’re working from home, it’s understandable if you panic. You could’ve been in the middle of something super important. Or you could just be worried that it looks like you’re not working even though you were actually doing so! There are a few things you can do to show you’re on top of the situation. First, contact your Internet provider by calling them on the phone. Ask them what time your Internet is projected to come back. You can also use the data on your cell phone to retrieve this information. Then, call your supervisors and/or bosses so they know your Internet is out and when it’s supposed to come back. Ask them if there’s anything you can do in the meantime that doesn’t require the Internet. Even if there isn’t anything you can do, at least you’ve offered to try and be productive! Your other option is to go somewhere that does have Internet like a Starbucks, a library or a friend’s or parent’s house, but do what best fits your situation.

Getting Directions

What would we do without Google Maps, Waze and all those other apps that tell us driving directions to new places? If we can’t access the Internet, whether with Wi-Fi or data, how do we make it safely to the right place? Now, don’t fret. You’ll have to kick it old school and use an atlas or a state map. For those of you that don’t know, an atlas is a big book of maps, most commonly used for cross-country road trips or when you’re traveling a great distance to a different state. If you’re traveling somewhere local, you’re probably better off using a state map or a county map. This way, you’re looking at more of a specific location and can see more of the smaller roads, whereas with an atlas, you’d probably be using it to take major interstates and highways. You can find these maps at your local bookstores for purchase. You can also borrow them from your local library and potentially receive one for free from your car insurance provider.

Conference Calling

Being on an online conference call when the Internet goes out is quite unfortunate. If it happens, it would probably be a good idea to call the person or a supervisor/boss with your phone to let them know what happened. If possible, use the data on your cell phone or tablet to also send an email to the person to update them on your situation. Conference calls are tricky though because it could quite literally make or break whatever you were talking about doing with them. If none of the above works to remedy the situation, we wish you the best of luck on doing damage control!

Fun Online Activities

If you’re playing video games online or doing anything fun that requires the use of the Internet when you lose connection, you better not panic. It’s not the end of the world! Use your new free time to do outside activities, read a book, do a puzzle, play with your pets or do just about anything that doesn’t require any kind of screen time! You might discover a new hobby and then you’ll be glad your Internet outage happened! Just remember, if the Internet goes out while you’re using it, don’t start hyperventilating. It will be ok. Use the time to take a breath of fresh air and clear your mind. Be patient while you wait for it to come back on so you can complete whatever task you were doing. Keep in mind, there was a time before the Internet when people got along just fine. You’ll be ok without it for 30 minutes.