Even when the job market is at its best, actually deciding to accept a particular job offer can be complicated. People take and leave jobs at a much higher rate these days than they did even 20 years ago.

There are two major reasons for this. One, people entering the workforce don’t have the abundance of options their predecessors did. Many of them are forced into a “take whatever you can get” position just to get the ball rolling. This leads to the second reason. As soon as something better comes along modern workers are happy to change things up.

The days when people get a job out of college and stay there for the next 30-40 years are over. It’s not because people are more finicky these days, it’s because employers don’t feel the need to entice people to stay. In fact, many employers will attempt to work employees as much as they can without hitting the limit where they have to offer them benefits. They can do this because they know there’s no shortage of people looking for work.

While this probably won’t work out as well for them in the long run, it’s not the less scrupulous employers we’re going to be focusing on today; it’s the good ones. These are some of the companies with the best benefits.

1. Taco Bell

Working for a fast food company is not without its stigma. It’s unfortunate how much we allow job prestige to influence our society, but it is what it is. If you can get past that stigma though, it may be a better opportunity than you think. Taco Bell recognizes that it may not be a career destination as much as a stepping stone. With that in mind, they offer education benefits for both bachelors and masters programs. You could receive upwards of $5,000 in tuition assistance.

2. Bank of America

Treating employees like people instead of drones or cogs is actually a positive investment. Who would have guessed? Apparently, Bank of America. They offer leaves of absence in case of emergency or the birth of a child, they’ll reimburse portions of your tuition for school, and they’ll even help you with career planning to map out your future.

3. Discover

Education perks are great. Career planning is super helpful. Plenty of paid time off, fantastic. Health insurance, super helpful. That said, Discover takes it a few steps beyond.

Do you live far from the office? Discover offers commuter assistance. Have a pet? They even offer pet insurance. Not a bad gig at all.

4. Rubicon

Rubicon is a waste management and recycling company. If that sounds like an immediate turnoff, maybe the fact that they pay 100% of their employee’s health insurance might make the air smell a little bit fresher.

5. Cisco Systems

Take pretty much everything from the other companies and add on-site healthcare, gyms, fertility assistance, adoption assistance, child care, and much more. If you can get a job at this tech company, you have pretty much hit the jackpot. It’s the reason they named one of the Best Places to Work in 2018 by the employment review site Glassdoor.