Are you having trouble making ends meet? Are you having trouble finding work? Are you just plain in need of a change? The solution might be as simple as just picking up and moving somewhere new.

You might say, “But nameless, faceless author-person, I can’t afford to just pick up and move! Moving takes money and a lack of funds is the problem, to begin with.”

There are states and cities that appear to be offering money to entice new residents. It seems hard to beat relocation funds, a steady job and some walking around money in a new place. Let’s take a closer look at some of these offers and see if they are as good as they seem.


Perhaps the most high profile example of all, Vermont offers $10,000 for people to move and work there. It’s what’s being called the “remote working movement.” Areas that aren’t traditionally awash with people are offering the rest of the country sizable amounts of money to uproot their lives and start over.

To be clear, this offer is $10,000 a year on top of your salary. However, as good as this particular pitch sounds, once you get to the details, it loses a bit of its shine. Firstly, you have to already have a full-time job. In this case, Vermont is looking for new residents more so than the additional workforce. That said, if you can swing a remote position at your particular company and feel like moving to Vermont, you certainly have the incentive.

Hamilton, Ohio

If you’ve recently (within seven years) received a degree in science, technology, engineering, art, or mathematics, you could be eligible for up to $5,000 in “reverse scholarship” money to move to Hamilton, Ohio.

Harmony, Minnesota

Want to build your own home? Do it in Harmony, Minnesota and they may help you out with as much as $12,000 towards construction costs.


Alaska has the least qualifications. If you live in Alaska, you get a piece of the oil royalties. That’s somewhere around $1,000 a year, just for living there. It’s kinda hard to beat that.

Off-Shore Oil Rigs

This is not a permanent solution, and it’s not somewhere you can take a family. But if you can deal with the demanding labor and reality of being in the middle of the ocean for months at a time, the accommodations are actually better than you might imagine.

Moreover, they will pay for your transportation, your laundry, your food. Everything you need is handled on top of your pay…which is considerable.

If you’re not tied down, this can be a huge opportunity.

At the end of the day, a lot of the “pay to relocate” or “remote working movement” advertisements are meant for people who already have jobs and not for those looking for them.

That being the case, if you do by chance have a remote position (which is becoming more popular) you may want to consider looking for a relocation package that suits your tastes. There’s nothing like getting paid to do something you want to do anyway.