When people think of jobs college students have, they seem to think of the same few archetypal ones: barista, dog-walker, babysitter, on-the-floor retail worker, and so on.

There’s certainly a virtue in seeing every opportunity as a potentially good opportunity, but at the same time, clearly not every job is created equally.

Some more obscure jobs might offer overlooked benefits to student workers, but many never think of these because it’s only the common gigs that cross their mind.

Social Media Manager

What do young people love more than wasting time on their phones scrolling through social media? That time might not be wasted, however, if they can parlay it into a role of posting professionally.

Brands are often looking to fine bona-fide millennials to take the helm of their social media presence and drive up likes, favorites and retweets.


Some people want a job that’s nice and straightforward, even if it might seem boring to others. What’s more straightforward than listening to speech recordings and writing down what they say?

Some companies will let anybody with a keyboard and a functioning ear give it a try, but if you find you have a knack for it (and especially if you can decipher obscure legal and medical jargon), you could find it leads to more lucrative opportunities.

Bookstore Clerk

It might seem like just another retail job, but this one’s all about strategy.

A bookstore on or near campus is not only a great place to meet other students buying their supplies, but if you’re shrewd with where you’re applying, you can probably stand to land some employee discounts on your own textbooks.

Warehouse Worker

For all the night-owls out there who don’t want to work in food service, there are warehouses that operate around the clock. These shifts offer an opportunity that will rarely conflict with your class schedule.

Some might be scared off by the hard labor, but that’s why the good companies offer a very competitive wage for the work. That just leaves the question of whether you’d choose to see it as a strenuous burden, or the ultimate workout.

Freelance Writer

Companies frequently want someone to write a piece for them, but not so much that they’ll hire them full-time. Therefore, they hire part-time freelancers to write blog posts, web articles, and advertising copy.

The best part is many of these writers are allowed to write from home. Some companies also let you pick and choose your assignments. There are even freelance writers’ websites that compile assignments from companies and firms all over the country, ensuring a constant inflow of writing opportunities for you to select at your own discretion.

Brand Ambassador

Have you ever seen people energetically handing out samples or coupons for some product or service with the thinly-veiled intention of people discovering they like it and want to buy more?

You would be right to wager they’re sales-motivated, and many of them make commission when they successfully sell their product. If you want to give it a go, not only will you get paid to interact with interesting people, but you can put sales experience on your résumé.

Tour Guide

It’s a lot like being a brand ambassador, but the brand you’re promoting is your school. If you ooze school spirit and want to convince a bunch of prospective students to enroll, this could be the position for you.

Perhaps you won’t make sales commission (5% on a five-digit tuition payment would be amazing, but it’s not happening like that), but you get to be a leader to a new generation of students.