You can’t fake a good résumé, but you won’t need to fake one when you discover it’s not hard to make your résumé better.

There are numerous online courses out there that can help you learn important skills for your line of work, as well as skills you might not know when you’ll need, but you’ll be happy to have them when you do!

Some of these are publicly-accessible classes from colleges and universities that give you the opportunity to teach yourself. Others are expressly designed for public access and allow you to purchase the official certification upon completing the course. Still others offer the entire course and certification absolutely free.

Google It

Perhaps the most notable offerings you can find on the Net are from the Great Big Search Engine itself. Once costing a fee, Google now offers courses in analytical analysis, advertising, digital skills and more. All of this is available to people with a valid Google account.

Making the Sale

Similarly, the HubSpot Academy offers free courses on inbound marketing and sales, which are skills that seem to be in-demand in every industry because of how well they translate to other disciplines. As the prevailing wisdom goes, if you can get somebody to buy a product, you can probably get them to do anything.

Code Mastery

As our world gets more and more electronic, demand for computer and Web skills is just going to keep increasing. That’s why websites like CodeAcademy and freeCodeCamp are offering to let you teach yourself how to build programs from scratch. There’s a lot to learn between these two sites alone, but teaching yourself some of it is better than not knowing any of it.

Ready for Anything

Even if you aren’t going to be entering the emergency management field as a profession, companies would still like to have someone knowledgeable around just in case something goes wrong. FEMA offers literally hundreds of courses, complete with certifications, for free on its website.

Whereas FEMA offers education in dealing with larger-scale events, there are other options for how to deal with emergencies on a more interpersonal level, like CPR and first aid.

This also includes more advanced topics like psychological first aid. This is the practice of helping keep somebody mentally composed during or immediately after a traumatic event until they’re able to find professional help if needed. While these techniques were designed to be used with children, they also work well with adults.

Everybody always hopes that when something goes wrong, someone around will know what to do. This is your chance to be that person for somebody else.

Even More to Discover

There are dozens of websites that offer free courses in assorted subjects. Some of them are mixed in with paid courses, and others are completely free.

Some of these courses will give you a free certification, while others will charge you for a certification but will offer a free Statement of Accomplishment (SoA).

Likewise, some courses are done at your own pace while others begin on a specific date.

Furthermore, some sites are networked with prestigious schools like Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford which offer what are called MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), while others have unique courses made independently by professionals.

It all depends on what you’re looking for and what you find.

Here are a few of our favorite sites for free educational courses about all sorts of things:



-Open Culture

-The Gymnasium by Aquent


-Saylor Academy

Some might disagree, but we don’t think it’s ever possible to know too much for your own good. After all, knowledge is power.