Employers seem so quick to demand applicants have relevant work experience, but they’re so stingy to give you a chance to acquire it.

While this is true for many positions at many companies, there are some positions that they’re willing to train a fresh face for. These aren’t just low-paying grunt-work jobs; there are many legitimate positions that can be acquired without ever having worked in the field before.

For the People Person

Customer service and sales jobs aren’t always euphemisms for fast-food work or mall-kiosk attendants. Big companies still need people to work in-office with clients, maintain relationships with those clients, and find new clients after that.

Every company has something to sell and that’s why every company wants to hire fresh faces to fill customer service, customer care, and sales positions.

In fact, there’s one specific type of sales job that can pay very well if you become good at it: real estate brokerage.

While it’s true when they say being a successful realtor often requires much more interpersonal networking than most lines of work, many real estate firms will either guide you to a low-cost training workshop or simply train you themselves. From there, it’s all up to you.

The Modern-Day Apprentice

We’re not talking about internships – interns often get shunted off to do menial tasks while the important work happens without them. We’re talking about assistant roles.

No matter what field you want to get into, you can probably find a job as an assistant to somebody who’s already doing it and you’ll learn how to do it yourself one way or another by sheer proximity.

These positions can be in more common lines of work, like being an administrative or HR assistant, to more esteemed careers, such as work as a medical, veterinary, or legal assistant.

Those looking to get into entertainment and marketing can even find roles as a publicity or PR assistant. Jobs like these are perfect opportunities to let you get your foot in the door.

Back on the Streets

Driving jobs aren’t limited to driving for a ridesharing company. You can find a job making deliveries in small vehicles that don’t require a CDL (commercial driver’s license) or sometimes even in your own vehicle.

Other driving jobs that do require CDLs are often more than willing to train you and help you get your CDL. This includes positions such as driving a school bus or an ADA van.

Are you willing to go big? Big-rig trucking companies are always looking for new drivers to add to their arsenal – you may even see some semis driving around advertising, “HIRING DRIVERS – WILL TRAIN!” There’s a reason why they decided to permanently paint that onto the truck.

Wait, There’s More

The three sections above were all umbrella categories of related jobs that are always hiring people without skills, but they’re not the only ones.

Healthcare services are always looking for home-care aids to assist the elderly. Positions like these don’t require a nursing degree, only a willingness to learn, demonstrable empathy for the patients, and a mind to remember to wipe your feet before you enter their house.

If you’re fine with making house-calls but you aren’t so eager to work in healthcare, cable companies are willing to train anybody who wants to become a cable installer. All you have to do is find out how to connect cables and cable boxes to different TVs and other devices.

If you’re afraid this job might disappear any minute as cable wanes in popularity, don’t worry about it.

If nothing else seems to be sticking and you’re still walking around town looking for a job, try looking to the town itself.

As luck would have it, most cities and towns have a vested interest in having their citizens be employed, and since they need people to do things to keep the town running, they do their part in offering employment opportunities.

Look to see if they have any jobs open, such as positions as a clerk or a records-keeper. When it seems like you’ve looked everywhere else, don’t forget to look in your own backyard.

The Job Experience Paradox has been well-documented, and it might seem that employers are happy to do nothing to remedy if it means they don’t have to work to train employees.

But as with many things in life, when something (like a job) seems impossible to find, you just have to make sure you leave no stone unturned – it might be hiding in the last place you’d look.