Spring tends to bring about an abundance of fresh starts. The grass becomes greener and begins to grow again. Flowers start to poke their green stems and leaves out from the dark dirt. The trees begin to blossom with new leaves. People begin to put their houses up for sale so they can move somewhere new.

Wait what?

That’s right, springtime tends to be one of the busier seasons for realtors and landlords across the country as people plan to move out of their homes and apartments. They tend to begin planning to move in spring so they can move as soon as the school year comes to an end, especially if these families have school-aged children.

Are you currently in the same boat as many other families in the United States? Are you looking to put your home up for sale or not sign a lease extension on your apartment so you can move somewhere new in the next few months? Then you’ll want to learn about these helpful websites that can assist you with finding a new place to live.

For Homebuying and Selling:  Redfin

A helpful website that can assist you with conventionally buying a home—and selling your current home if need be—is Redfin.com (1). Redfin is actually America’s number one nationwide brokerage website, which is perfect for buyers because you’ll be able to search through thousands of local home listings and find the perfect home for you and your family. Plus, as a seller, you’ll be able to get plenty of eyes on your home’s listing to speed up the selling process as well.

Redfin isn’t just a place for home listings. It has its own Redfin Agents that can help you buy and sell a home, too. On average, Redfin homebuyers and sellers tend to save $8,400 on average when they list their home with Redfin; keep in mind, there is a 1% listing fee you need to pay after closing when you enlist the help of Redfin Agents.

While these Redfin Agents work for Redfin, they’re actual local to your area. This means the agents know the current housing market extremely well and can answer any questions you may have about the market in your area.

Speaking of local, on Redfin’s website, you can create your own search area for houses by drawing on a map. In this designated search area, you can set up specific search criteria based on type of home (single-family, townhome, condo, lot, etc.), number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, square footage, and more, so you can look for exactly the type of property you’ve been dreaming of finding.

If you don’t want to keep logging back into the website and re-drawing your map, you can create a free Redfin account. Once you’ve set up your account and your search area, you can also opt-in to receiving automatic email updates about the newest listings in your search area, price increases and decreases, status changes on houses and other types of market updates.

You can also favorite homes that interest you so you can easily go back and find them on your account dashboard if you need to reference them later. If you add a co-buyer to your account (i.e. your spouse, a roommate, a parent, etc.) who is helping you figure out where you want to live, they can also view the houses you favorite.

Redfin also has an iOS and Android-compatible app for smart devices that you can use to view every listing Redfin has to offer while you’re on-the-go. One of the cool things about the app is, if you’re out looking for houses and you want to see what other houses previously sold for in the area, you can search by your location, zoom in on the street, and see the price point of houses that have recently sold on that exact street. Plus, you can book home tours on-demand with your Redfin Agent with the app.

All home listings on Redfin will also provide you with pictures of each property, facts about the home, a written description of the home and past prices for which the home has sold. It also features a mortgage calculator to help you figure out how much your monthly payments could be if you bought the house.

If you have any general questions about Redfin, you can always contact the company’s national customer service team via phone or email from 8 AM to 5 PM PST, seven days per week. You can also connect with Redfin on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter.

For Rent-to-Own:  RTONetwork

One of the best online resources that can assist you with everything and anything revolving around rent-to-own agreements is RTONetwork (2). While this website won’t provide you with specific rent-to-own listings, it can answer pretty much any question you may have about considering and signing rent-to-own agreements.

Are you curious to find out if a rent-to-own agreement is right for you? Is the rent-to-own process extremely different compared to the traditional homebuying process? Are you wondering what resources will be helpful to you before signing a rent-to-own agreement? Are you curious as to where you can most commonly find rent-to-own housing? Are there certain cities that will actually pay you to move there?

RTONetwork can answer all these rent-to-own agreement questions for you in its helpful, detailed, well-thought-out blogs. The six different categories you can browse through on the website to help you find the subject areas you have the most questions about include Finance, Guides, Homeownership, Markets, Renting and Resources.

For Renting:  GovHomePrograms

An extremely helpful online resource when it comes to finding places to rent is GovHomePrograms. This website can help you find various types of rental properties that are both third-party sourced and part of government-funded programs. These types of properties include Section-8 housing, apartments, manufactured homes (with permanent foundations), mobile homes, trailers, condos, townhomes and even single-family homes.

There are occasionally some traditional homes to buy listed on the website, as well as some rent-to-own options, so GovHomePrograms also can help you find a mortgage and a lender that can fit your needs.

By finding a place to rent with GovHomePrograms, you may be able to save up to $3,708 annually as one of the goals of the website is to help you find and sign leases with lower and more affordable monthly payments.

If you’re intending to move in the next few months, it’s important to know what resources can play a key role in helping you find a new place to live whether you’re traditionally purchasing a home, signing a rent-to-own agreement, or renting an apartment.

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