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Frugal Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Last month, people across America were wondering what to buy their moms (and the moms of their own children) for Mother’s Day. We’ve now arrived in June and people are wondering what to buy their dads (and the dads of their own children) for Father’s Day. The common way of thinking is dads are harder to get gifts for than moms – the stereotype being guys are rougher around the edges and won’t politely pretend to appreciate a gift they don’t actually like. Of course, that’s not true for all dads, but maybe we can extract something good out...

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How Much Should You Worry About Lead Poisoning These Days?

Every so often, you hear a Public Service Announcement warning about the dangers of living in a home built before 1978 due to the risk of lead paint exposure because children are especially susceptible to its dangers. You may encounter two different types of people when it comes to these warnings: those who say you should be in constant worry because lead paint is still everywhere and those who say all the worry about lead poisoning is overblown. Who’s right? They both have their points. There are times and places to have concerns about lead poisoning, but it’s not...

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Not Worth the Bargain: Things You Should Never Buy Secondhand

Buying used typically seems like a great way to get a great item at a great price. Sometimes, it absolutely can be a great move, but other times it will just wind up being more trouble than it’s worth. If you’re lucky, a bad purchase will be a useless waste of money and nothing more. If you’re not so lucky, it may wind up causing a problem that genuinely ruins your life. No matter how much research you do and no matter how shrewd of a buyer you might be, there are certain things you shouldn’t buy secondhand. For...

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Jobs That Hire Without Experience

Employers seem so quick to demand applicants have relevant work experience, but they’re so stingy to give you a chance to acquire it. While this is true for many positions at many companies, there are some positions that they’re willing to train a fresh face for. These aren’t just low-paying grunt-work jobs; there are many legitimate positions that can be acquired without ever having worked in the field before. For the People Person Customer service and sales jobs aren’t always euphemisms for fast-food work or mall-kiosk attendants. Big companies still need people to work in-office with clients, maintain relationships...

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Inexpensive Ways to Enjoy Your Memorial Day Weekend

As Memorial Day fast approaches, there seems to be so much pressure to make some sort of celebratory plans for the extended weekend. After all, Memorial Day kicks off the summer season. Following a long winter and a so-called spring, you want to start enjoying summer the right way at the first opportunity. Even for our friends in the Sun Belt who are already sick of the heat in their locales, a three-day weekend is nothing to waste. But for better or worse, many of us have been conditioned to believe that fun costs money. Deep down, we know...

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