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Who to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation (If You’ve Been Out of School for a While)

Going back to school is a great idea for bettering yourself and growing as a person, but it’s not without its obstacles. Many schools and programs require a letter of recommendation or two from a former teacher or professor. Trouble is, since you’ve been out of school all this time, even your most recent educators don’t remember you, don’t know what you’re currently doing, or they’ve retired. The schools you’re applying to want to know who you are now, but they also want to hear it from someone in academia, and you don’t have anybody who fits. Who do...

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So, You Missed a College Application Deadline, Now What?

Maybe something came up that got in the way or maybe it just slipped your mind. In any case, you’ve just realized you’ve missed the application deadline for a college you wanted to attend. Now what do you do? You tackle it with the right attitude, that’s what. Many people would say you blew it and now you have to deal with your limited options. In reality, you still have plenty of options. They just might not be the ones you wanted. You’ll have to make the best out of a bad situation. The question is, are you willing?...

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Stay Cool for Less This Summer

After a long winter, it’s finally going to stop being cold, but sure enough, we’re soon going to find ourselves with the opposite problem. When Mr. Sunshine is being a little too generous, how can you keep cool without racking up a huge energy bill from all the air conditioning? It turns out you may have many more options than you think. Maximizing A/C Efficiency (Short-Term) While some might be content to just open a window, many parts of the United States get so hot that air conditioning is the only sane option. Even in the parts that don’t...

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Burglar-Proof Your Home with These Simple Tips

Home burglary: different people fear it more or less than others for a variety of reasons, but nobody wants to do anything to make it easier for the bad guys. So, what can we do to deter people who might want to take off with our stuff? It would be easy to just recommend you invest in a sophisticated security system or install deadbolts on every major door in your house, but these cost money (and often time) that many people don’t have. Luckily, there are still things you can do to keep unexpected guests from taking souvenirs from...

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Affordable Ways to Make Your Home a Safer Place

Your home is a place where you’re supposed to feel at-ease. Unfortunately, because of the sheer amount of time we spend in our homes, it’s statistically the place where accidents are the most likely to happen. While making your home completely harmless would be almost impossible — and even if it were possible, it would probably be very expensive — every little bit helps. There’s plenty you can do at very little cost to give you more peace-of-mind in your piece of the world. Everyday Hazards You wouldn’t want harm to befall you when you’re simply walking around your...

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