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How Often Should You Buy Gasoline?

You’re driving home from work when you realize the gas station up on the right is much cheaper than you remember it being yesterday. It’s also a few cents cheaper than any other gas station on the street. You think this is too good a price to pass up, but here’s the thing: you just filled up the other day and your tank is still 80% full. Is it worth it to get just a couple of gallons for this cheap price? Will the price be the same tomorrow? Will it go back up or will it go even...

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Underrated Jobs for College Students

When people think of jobs college students have, they seem to think of the same few archetypal ones: barista, dog-walker, babysitter, on-the-floor retail worker, and so on. There’s certainly a virtue in seeing every opportunity as a potentially good opportunity, but at the same time, clearly not every job is created equally. Some more obscure jobs might offer overlooked benefits to student workers, but many never think of these because it’s only the common gigs that cross their mind. Social Media Manager What do young people love more than wasting time on their phones scrolling through social media? That...

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The Pros and Cons of Long-Distance Driving vs. Flying

Travel season will be here before we know it. Many people are going to be contemplating the best way to get themselves several states away from home, whether that’s via driving or flying. They’re not just considering the financial cost, but whether other conveniences and benefits will make the more expensive option worth it. Perhaps you’re one of them. Some people have tried to piece together “trip calculators” to compare the costs of the two, but they still aren’t quite thorough with considering all the factors that can shape your decision. Here are all the things you ought to...

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Waste Less Food with These Tasteful Tips

Wasted food is never a good thing. People spend money on something they’ll never consume, while elsewhere somebody else doesn’t have enough to eat. The only people who even remotely benefit are the companies that made money off a product that was never even used. While those companies have their own bad habits to break, we the consumers can do more to make sure the food we buy actually fulfills its duties. Think Ahead Since food waste is often the result of buying more than you need, it can be reduced by having a better idea of how much...

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Is It Worth It to Unplug Everything?

You may have heard a great way to save money on electricity is to unplug appliances and electronics when they aren’t being used. The idea behind this is, even when they’re not in operation, the cord in the outlet is sucking up some energy. It’s true a non-operational electronic will still consume power when it’s plugged into a socket, but how much could it possibly consume? Is it worth your time to go around unplugging and re-plugging everything, every single time? Doing the Math The major problem with unused devices consuming electricity is not that any one of them...

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