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Psychological Reasons People Tend to Be Crueler Online Than in Person

People on the internet can be awful. If you are brave enough to enter the comments section of even the most wholesome YouTube video, you’re likely to find a wretched hive of scum and villainy that would put Mos Eisley to shame. Have you ever stopped to wonder why? Yes, you could just say the answer is anonymity and call it a day. However, it turns out it goes deeper than that. There are actual reasons that people say and (kinda) do horrible things behind a keyboard that they would never do in the real world. It’s important to...

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Worrying About Financial Troubles Can Be Hazardous to Your Mental and Physical Health

Stress (on top of being uncomfortable in and of itself) is downright unhealthy. If I were to ask you, “What stresses out Americans the most?” I’m fairly confident you would come up with the right answer. Money. More specifically, money problems. Unhealthy can actually mean a lot of things. Most people realize that the stress caused by money troubles can have an adverse effect psychologically or even emotionally. However, you might be surprised to learn that it can have a physical effect as well. Depression Interestingly, there is a huge misconception that depression is not a physical problem. In...

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The Day After Christmas: What is Boxing Day?

December 26 is the day everyone goes back to work after the Christmas holiday, right? Well, in the United States it is, but not everywhere. In places like England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other British commonwealths, the citizens have another day off! The reason? It’s Boxing Day, which has been officially recognized as a holiday since 1871. You may think Boxing Day has to do with putting unwanted Christmas gifts back in their boxes in order to return them at the store. Or you may think it’s about cleaning up your family’s mess after opening gifts on Christmas...

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How to Pay Less For Prescription Drugs Without Insurance

Prescription drugs with insurance can be really expensive. Prescription drugs without insurance are often considerably more expensive. If you use prescription drugs and you don’t have insurance, odds are you are spending way more than you actually need to. There are several different ways to get your prescription drugs for much cheaper. Some of them will even allow you to get them for free. Allow us to try to save you some money. Get Insurance This one might be cheating a little, but it really is the best option. Of course, this depends on the kind of insurance you...

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What You Should Know Before Using Stock Market Trading Apps

Have you ever considered investing in the stock market? There are two major factors stopping most people from finally diving in. 1, you have to be willing to risk significant amounts of money to make significant amounts of money. 2, the stock market, the lingo, the abbreviations, all seem really complicated from an outside perspective. There’s a fairly long history of people taking advantage of how complicated the market seems. It’s illegal but very profitable. In fact, there are several movies on the subject if you’re interested. Technology, as it often does, has made buying and selling stocks somewhat...

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