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Obtaining Legal Assistance Without Paying for a Lawyer

This is a nation of laws. Some of them are obvious, some of them are not. As regular citizens, we are not expected to know every facet of the American legal system – be it federal, state, or municipal. That is the whole reason that lawyers exist. Make all the jokes you want about them, they do serve a vital purpose. However, they aren’t cheap. Paying for a good lawyer shouldn’t be only a privilege of the well-to-do. All too often, lower-income defendants are left to overworked and underpaid public defenders and lost in a cycle of incarceration, release,...

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3 Credit Cards to Get Your Credit Line Started Even If You Have Bad, Low, or No Credit

Whether you’ve just turned 18 and are getting your first taste of the credit world, are trying to rebuild your credit from the ground up, or have avoided the credit world your whole life, obtaining a credit card can be a pain. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of a few credit cards that should be able to get you started on the path to fiscal responsibility by building your credit brick by brick. Bad credit? Low credit? No credit? No problem! Check out these credit cards: First Progress Platinum Prestige MasterCard® Secured Credit Card First Progress Platinum Prestige Mastercard®...

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7 Loan Lending Websites that Can Get You Money Fast with Any Credit

Everyone needs a little bit of help from time to time. Unfortunately, when it comes to financial help, many of us don’t know where to turn, whether because of credit history or our own personal pride. While it may take a little egging on by some family or friends, getting an affordable or reasonably priced loan to help put a little bit of money in your pocket for the time being may not be a bad solution to your problems. Feast your eyes on 7 trustworthy loan lending websites that can get you the money you need fast with...

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Easily Check and Keep Track of Your Credit Score Online Today with FreeScoreFinder

In today’s social media-filled obsession of “who has what?” and “how can I get this?”, a credit score may seem like the be-all-end-all way of obtaining what you want. Whether it’s that watch or purse you’ve been eyeing for months, to a loan or large piece of equity that you absolutely need to survive and work, such as a home or vehicle, that feeling of dependence on credit lingers in the back of our minds because it is necessary to have a higher credit rating, especially if we want an easier life in the long-term. Who doesn’t want an...

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