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Category: College Prep

Getting a Full-Ride Scholarship: The Ultimate Strategy Guide

Let’s make one thing clear from the top: there’s no shame in failing to get a full-ride scholarship to a college or university. Most people don’t, and if they were so easy to come by, we wouldn’t be discussing them right now. But I know some people come from families that are pressuring them to be perfect students. Some people can’t afford college unless it’s mostly paid for up front (especially knowing how student loans are these days), and some just want that prestige. So, while this is by no means a foolproof method, this is every step and...

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Is Community College Right for You?

The new year is an exciting time and all, but it comes with its share of stress-inducers: taxes to be filed, resolutions to be broken, and for a lot of people, applying to and deciding on a college or university to attend. For these prospective students, a big question that haunts them is whether it would be worth it to start out at a community college now, knock out some credits for cheap, and transfer to a four-year institution later. If you’re in this situation, you already know the feelings of confusion. Some people say community college is a...

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The Importance of Meeting With Your College Academic Advisor

It is often easy for those with newfound independence to confuse the personal agency it provides with a need to do everything alone. This can make them less likely to seek out help in situations where it would be a great benefit to them. Such is the case with college students and their advisors. However, this isn’t just a one-sided problem. At most schools, advisors are so dramatically outnumbered by the students under their purview that it’s a wonder they can effectively advise anyone. That’s why would like to help you learn ways to get the most out of...

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Surviving Your Freshman Year of College

Freshmen year of college is a whirlwind. A brand new environment, filled with brand new people, brand new responsibilities, and brand new freedoms. It’s no wonder 28% of students drop out after their first year. It can be a lot to handle. We’d like to make sure you’re a part of the 62% who survive freshman year. That’s why we’re here to give you a few tips on how to help make your first year of college a successful one. Hit the Ground Running “The first day we just get the syllabus.” We know that mentality. We had that...

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Planning for College Can Save You Mountains of Cash

Why is college taking so much longer to complete these days? It’s a hard question to answer on paper. Every college is different, with different levels of rigor. Furthermore, every student is different, making it even more difficult to pinpoint a direct cause. Whatever the reason may be, when it takes extra time to graduate, it costs more money to get the degree…A lot more. Maybe having a plan can help. Pitfalls Colleges are unlikely to warn you of this (unless asked directly), but six years towards a degree has become almost as common as four. A cynical person...

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