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Category: College Prep

Adjusting to College Life

For many first-year college students, the initial excitement of starting college and living in the dorms quickly gives way to feeling overwhelmed by the culture shock of it all. Between the new locale and the new way of doing things, going off to college may as well be shipping off to a foreign country for some people. It would be easy to say all college students get used to it eventually, but that simply isn’t true. Some students find themselves overcome with confusion and anxiety and never quite get over it until they’re out of college. Some may even...

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Who to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation (If You’ve Been Out of School for a While)

Going back to school is a great idea for bettering yourself and growing as a person, but it’s not without its obstacles. Many schools and programs require a letter of recommendation or two from a former teacher or professor. Trouble is, since you’ve been out of school all this time, even your most recent educators don’t remember you, don’t know what you’re currently doing, or they’ve retired. The schools you’re applying to want to know who you are now, but they also want to hear it from someone in academia, and you don’t have anybody who fits. Who do...

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So, You Missed a College Application Deadline, Now What?

Maybe something came up that got in the way or maybe it just slipped your mind. In any case, you’ve just realized you’ve missed the application deadline for a college you wanted to attend. Now what do you do? You tackle it with the right attitude, that’s what. Many people would say you blew it and now you have to deal with your limited options. In reality, you still have plenty of options. They just might not be the ones you wanted. You’ll have to make the best out of a bad situation. The question is, are you willing?...

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The Best Extracurriculars for a College Application

There isn’t a specific list of the “best” extracurriculars to have on your high school transcript, but that doesn’t stop prospective collegians from trying to make one for their résumés. The truth is, regardless of which activities you choose to do, college applications are a lot like job applications: it’s all about selling yourself. Now there’s just the question of how to best do that. Pick Them for the Right Reasons Before we get ahead of ourselves, this needs to be said: choose extracurriculars because you want to do them, not because you think they’ll make you look good....

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Getting a Full-Ride Scholarship: The Ultimate Strategy Guide

Let’s make one thing clear from the top: there’s no shame in failing to get a full-ride scholarship to a college or university. Most people don’t, and if they were so easy to come by, we wouldn’t be discussing them right now. But I know some people come from families that are pressuring them to be perfect students. Some people can’t afford college unless it’s mostly paid for up front (especially knowing how student loans are these days), and some just want that prestige. So, while this is by no means a foolproof method, this is every step and...

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