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Category: Financial Aid

The Pros and Cons of Getting a Job While in College Full-Time

The culture shock that comes from students transitioning from high school to college can be startling. The biggest change is all of the new found freedom, in terms of both behavior and time. While there are a great many unproductive (yet totally fun) ways to fill all that free time, getting a job is probably the smarter play. Not only will it help to keep you out of trouble, but the extra cash can’t hurt either…Can it? Student Income and Financial Aid The amount of need-based financial aid a student gets is based on the income and assets of...

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Federal Student Loans vs. Private Loans: Which Is Better?

Student loans tend to get a bad rep; somewhat undeservedly so. If you take away the whole “paying it back” part, they are actually quite helpful. In all seriousness, student loans do serve an important purpose. Knowing how to choose which ones work best for you can really save you some money in the long run. That’s why we’d like to let you know the difference between federal and private student loans. Federal Student Loans Federal student loans (as the name would suggest) are provided by the government for the sole purpose of paying for college and are historically...

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9 Unusual Scholarships to Help You Pay Your Way Through College

If you’re attending college in the fall, you’ve probably filled out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you haven’t done this yet, then what are you waiting for? Regardless, you may think it’s your only shot at getting financial aid for school. It’s definitely not. You need to apply for other scholarships! If you’re telling yourself it’s not worth it to spend all that time researching and applying because you’ll never win a scholarship, stop thinking like that. There are TONS of scholarships and there’s even one for you out there. Have any hidden talents? Do...

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How Income Sharing Agreements Can Help You Pay for College Without Loans

College is expensive. What’s even worse, the value seems to be decreasing as the price rises. When you take into account that most people will need to take out loans to front the costs, the term graduate has largely become synonymous with debtor. Most people are willing to risk it under the auspice of their degree helping them get a job that will make paying back the loans possible. However, that is far from a guarantee. Income Sharing Agreements There are alternatives to loans that people are familiar with, like scholarships and grants. Then, there are less well-known avenues...

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Beware of Confusing Financial Aid Award Letters!

The joy of gaining admission into the school of your choice is often tempered by the financial reality that comes with receiving your financial aid award letter. The intended purpose of this letter is to tell you how much financial aid you’ll be receiving and how much you’ll be expected to pay yourself. The problem is, not only are these award letters often confusing, but a surprising number of them actually underestimate the real costs of attendance. Some expenses are left out entirely. Incorrectly interpreting a college award letter could be the difference of thousands of dollars. Why are...

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