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Category: Financial Aid

Specific Grants that Can Help You Pay for College

You may not hear this from every college advice site you visit, but student loans are to be avoided unless you absolutely need them. Federal student loans are a little better, but private loans will saddle you with harsh debt well beyond your graduation date. Grants are the far more favorable alternative. Grants are money given to you for a specific purpose that you never need to pay back. So long as you use it the way it’s intended, it’s a pure come-up. Federal Grants The federal government offers a few grants that it’s in your best interest to...

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$6,095 in Pell Grants for 2018-2019

When it comes to paying for college, there are worse ways to go than grants. In fact, they are one of the best tools to help meet the financial needs of your education. There are grants out there for just about everything, but the most popular by far is the Pell Grant. The Pell Grant comes from the federal government and is designed specifically to help students pay for their schooling. That’s the basics. Here are a few of the other things you should know about Pell Grants and how they can help you. No Repayment You may hear...

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What You Need to Know to Avoid Loan and Debt Relief Scams

Nobody sets out to get scammed. The fact that the people most vulnerable are those in the most need of help only serves to pour salt in the wound. There are scams all around you. We want you to be able to identify and avoid them. This guide should help with that. Red-Flags Getting tricked by a scam doesn’t make you stupid. Everything is marketed in a way that makes it seem like it can solve your problems, that’s how marketing works. There is a general rule of thumb you can go by, however: Nobody is going to go...

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Know Your Options When It Comes to Paying for College

Unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars lying around, odds are you’re going to have to get creative when it comes to financing a college degree. We’re here to help. We have some methods you’ve probably heard about, and a few you may be less familiar with. Hopefully, you can find a way that will work out for you. Scholarships and Grants Let’s get the ones people know about out of the way first. Grants and scholarships are typically designed as rewards for either scholastic, civic, or athletic excellence. While grants and scholarships are applied to your overall...

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How Reforms Around the Country Can Help You Save on College Costs

College plays an important role in our society, both educationally and professionally. However, the business aspect of the institution cannot be ignored. The more important it becomes, the more expensive it becomes. Because of this, we find ourselves in the middle of a loan repayment crisis. People are just flat out not repaying their loans. What do we do? There are already penalties in place, yet people default just the same. Maybe the government should pick up the tab. Reform Theories In some states, there have been ideas put forward to make higher education (much like K-12 education) a...

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