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Category: Health

GMO: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Let’s talk about GMO What is it? GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. When you hear it come up in conversation it is almost always in reference to food. Scientists will alter the genetic makeup of a crop or animal for one reason or another (typically a financial one). It could be to make the crop more resistant to bugs and weeds or to make an animal bigger. With modern science, it’s difficult to count all the different ways our food sources can be manipulated. The Good In theory, GMO is designed to make our food better. If you...

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The Answer to a Broken Health Care System May Lie Abroad

It’s tempting to start a topic such as this by saying something sensational – like, “The American healthcare system is a giant scam!” I’m going to do that though, for two reasons. One, because it’s unproductively dismissive; and two, because it may inadvertently give the impression that it’s a good idea not to have health insurance. It is not a mistake that a procedure in America will cost several times how much it will cost pretty much everywhere else in the world. It’s not a mistake that the same drug will cost several times as much in America than...

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Sikh Gurdwaras Offer a Free Helping Hand

Is there a Gurdwara in your neighborhood? Do you know what a Gurdwara is? It is where Sikhs come together to worship. However, it is much more than that. It is a community center of sorts, offering free food, shelter, and company to those in need. You don’t have to be a Sikh to enjoy these gifts. All you need to do is come in, be respectful, and ask. This generosity raises a very important question… Why are members of a religion so focused on helping those in need so constantly persecuted in western countries, specifically America? No Good...

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The Epidemic of Food Waste

Have you ever thrown out food that was still perfectly good to eat? Be honest, no one is keeping score. If so, you have contributed to the food shortage facing this entire planet. That said, you shouldn’t feel too bad. The handful of food you can’t get down is nothing compared to the tons of food that is dumped or burned by farms. We have a serious problem on our hands and the only way to fix it is to raise awareness across the board. Food Production Growing food is not an altruistic profession. Farmers grow food to be...

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How to Prepare Yourself for Cold and Flu Season

Fall is a time for change. The weather gets colder. Kids go back to school. These things and more are the reason Sept-Nov is considered cold and flu season. No one wants to get sick, it’s awful. It’s also largely outside of our control. Here are a few things you can do to get ready. Preventative Care You can’t flat out prevent yourself from catching a cold (no matter what your CrossFit coach says). What you can do is take steps to bolster your immune system. You can start by getting a flu shot. Again, it’s not a 100%...

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