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Category: Health

How Much Should You Worry About Lead Poisoning These Days?

Every so often, you hear a Public Service Announcement warning about the dangers of living in a home built before 1978 due to the risk of lead paint exposure because children are especially susceptible to its dangers. You may encounter two different types of people when it comes to these warnings: those who say you should be in constant worry because lead paint is still everywhere and those who say all the worry about lead poisoning is overblown. Who’s right? They both have their points. There are times and places to have concerns about lead poisoning, but it’s not...

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Not Worth the Bargain: Things You Should Never Buy Secondhand

Buying used typically seems like a great way to get a great item at a great price. Sometimes, it absolutely can be a great move, but other times it will just wind up being more trouble than it’s worth. If you’re lucky, a bad purchase will be a useless waste of money and nothing more. If you’re not so lucky, it may wind up causing a problem that genuinely ruins your life. No matter how much research you do and no matter how shrewd of a buyer you might be, there are certain things you shouldn’t buy secondhand. For...

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A Guide to Low-Cost Treatment for Addiction

When someone is struggling with addiction, getting help is easier said than done. Everything costs either time or money (often both), and when someone needs help to rebuild their life, that’s a tall order that usually comes at a high cost. However, another rule of life is if there’s something that can be done, there are often several ways to do it. There are many low- or no-cost avenues to finding help for alcohol or substance addiction, but they aren’t the easiest to find. That’s why we thought we would help people find them. Types of Rehabilitation First, it...

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Stay Cool for Less This Summer

After a long winter, it’s finally going to stop being cold, but sure enough, we’re soon going to find ourselves with the opposite problem. When Mr. Sunshine is being a little too generous, how can you keep cool without racking up a huge energy bill from all the air conditioning? It turns out you may have many more options than you think. Maximizing A/C Efficiency (Short-Term) While some might be content to just open a window, many parts of the United States get so hot that air conditioning is the only sane option. Even in the parts that don’t...

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The Best Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

For college students with physical, intellectual or mental-health disabilities, the quintessential American university experience may seem less than inviting. Luckily, there are numerous scholarships available so these students can get the help they deserve to pay for college. In fact, there are so many that it would be impossible to list them all, but these stand out as some of the most lucrative. AmeriGlide Achiever Scholarship Every year, the $2,500 AmeriGlide scholarship is awarded to a college student who uses a wheelchair (manual or electric) or a mobility scooter. Eligible students must also have at least one year of...

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