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Category: Health

How to Get Your Time (and Your Life) Back

Does it seem like days and months are just flying by? There’s an old saying of the older we all get, the faster time seems to go by. While that’s kind of true, it certainly seems as though older and younger people alike are bringing up that old saying more than usual. Many people these days are feeling like their time is running in fast-forward and they’re starting to get frustrated as though their lives are being robbed from them with every passing moment. We wouldn’t go as far as to say there’s a “time shortage” or “rapidity epidemic”...

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What Parents Can Do About Bullying

At the time of this writing, the school year will be starting soon, and many children won’t want to go back. There are many reasons for this, but for many children, they don’t want to go back to school because they’re afraid of the people there. If nothing’s done about it, those feelings may last well past August and September. We don’t need to tell you that bullying is an issue for children – heck, plenty of people would argue it’s an issue for adults, too. But when you’re the parent of a child who’s being bullied, it’s a...

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Save Money (and the World) with These Food Preservation Tips

When food goes bad and needs to be tossed out, it isn’t just a waste of money. It’s also a waste of food somebody out there could have eaten. While obviously it’s not easy for each and every one of us to send our surplus food to starving people, we can lessen the problem by not letting the food we buy for ourselves go to waste. If you find yourself throwing away food because you just don’t want it anymore, then we can’t help you. But if your issue is food going bad prematurely, we might be able to...

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Do Maintenance on These 8 Items in Your Home to Avoid Costly Replacements

Having a place of your own requires you to do housework, whether you want to or not. Regardless of if you live in a house, apartment, condo, townhome or even a mobile home, there are certain items in your home that you NEED to have regular maintenance conducted. If you don’t maintain these certain items, you could be looking at spending THOUSANDS of dollars by replacing them. So, don’t stress out your bank account. Get these items what they need now before it’s too late! Air Conditioning Unit Did you know hundredths of an inch of dust or dirt...

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Should You Worry About These Summer Diseases?

Americans love summertime. They say all the best memories are made in June, July and August. It’s a season that symbolizes freedom in a country that prides itself on its freedom. Yet so many bad things happen during the warm months as well. Some of those things, like peaking rates of crime and road accidents, are a result of the warm weather bringing more people out of the house. However, one thing caused specifically by the warm weather is an increased frequency of certain diseases. The heat helps incubate certain bacteria and viruses while welcoming the carriers of others....

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