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Category: Health

Waste Less Food with These Tasteful Tips

Wasted food is never a good thing. People spend money on something they’ll never consume, while elsewhere somebody else doesn’t have enough to eat. The only people who even remotely benefit are the companies that made money off a product that was never even used. While those companies have their own bad habits to break, we the consumers can do more to make sure the food we buy actually fulfills its duties. Think Ahead Since food waste is often the result of buying more than you need, it can be reduced by having a better idea of how much...

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Can a Flood Happen to You?

Slowly but surely, it’s getting warmer, and spring will soon be here. But while April showers may bring May flowers, sometimes those showers just bring even more showers with them throughout the spring and summer. Not to mention, all that melting snow has to go somewhere. Sometimes all that excess water feels the need to make its presence known. Flooding is actually the most common natural disaster on Earth, in the sense that there are so many “little” ones occurring all the time. In fact, one could argue flooding helped build modern civilization, since the earliest human societies in...

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What You Shouldn’t Keep in Your Car When It’s Really Hot and Really Cold

Maybe you live in the most temperate spot in the country, but the rest of us live in places that experience extreme temperatures one way or another. Some places get very hot, some very cold, and a large chunk of the United States goes through both on a yearly basis. But even when it’s uncomfortable or even dangerous to be outside, life goes on, and we still have to transport ourselves to work, school, the store, the mechanic, and a bunch of other places our feet alone can’t take us. So, in our efforts to be prepared for when...

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How to Stay Committed to Your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

If you’re like millions of others on January 2nd, right now you are hyper-committed to losing weight as a new year’s resolution. Again, if you’re like millions of others, that resolve will dissipate entirely by February. It doesn’t have to be that way. Most people burn out so quickly because they try an all-out assault on the problem. Then, they get frustrated when they don’t see the results they’re looking for after making so many changes. We can help you get in better shape for 2019. Losing Weight Weight loss can be extremely difficult, but it’s not particularly complicated....

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Start the Year Right: 9 Ways to Save Money in January

The new year is approaching and you’re determined to save money for your various short-term and long-term goals. But HOW do you even begin to do something as lofty as save money? It seems like you need your whole paycheck to currently make ends meet. There are nine simple ways you can begin saving your money in January 2019 and you don’t even have to worry about putting a set-amount of money away each month! New Year Cleaning? 1. Unwanted Christmas Gifts At your family Christmas party, did you get a few gifts that you absolutely don’t want? Don’t...

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