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Category: Housing

Eight Ways to Get $900 Extra This Month!

Do you struggle to maintain an efficient budget every month? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. A recent Market Watch study found that nearly HALF of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck and 19% have NO money saved to cover emergency expenses! If you find yourself as part of these statistics, don’t panic. You can start taking small steps to break the habit of living paycheck-to-paycheck AND you can start saving for emergencies and the future TODAY. Check out some of the small changes I made in my life to help me get back on track to financial stability. 1. ONLINE SURVEYS Make...

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Think Twice Before Buying Your Dream Home If It’s Going to Make You Broke

Buying a house is simple right? You find one you like that’s in your price range and purchase it. In a perfect world, yes. But this is far from a perfect world Choosing the right dwelling for you—whether it’s a house, townhome, condo, etc.–requires a lot of research outside of figuring out what your budget is. Every little aspect of a house and the property it sits on can have consequences on your budget. To keep you well within your budget at all times, here are some factors that can cause you to spend thousands of unnecessary dollars after...

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Cut Costs While Buying a Home with These 3 Methods

You know you’ve finally made it as an adult when you purchase your first home. You worked so hard for years to save up enough money for a down payment. It’s finally a place you can genuinely call your own. You feel like you’re on top of the world and nothing can bring you down. Until you get your mortgage payments. Was your house really worth the price? Could you have saved money somewhere along the way on the purchase price? Here are some noteworthy tricks that can help you save money while you’re searching for your dream home....

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Don’t Freak Out! You Can Still Save for a Nice Retirement with a Low Income

Everyone wants to save money for retirement. The thought of being able to step away from the workforce one day is the only thing getting some people through the week. Unfortunately, life tends to get in the way. It’s one thing when you have a great paying job, where you can meet your needs and still have enough left over to put up a nice little nest egg for retirement. Better yet, just think about having a job that matches your 401k contributions. However, this is not everyone’s experience. In fact, it isn’t most people’s experience. How do you...

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7 Useful Habits that Can Cut Costs Around the House

Purchasing your own home is a major milestone that can make you feel proud, humbled and accomplished. It’s also one of the most expensive things you’ll ever buy due to the actual cost of the property, taxes, repairs and more. It doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think though. There are some very simple tips and tricks that can help you save money on a daily basis, whether you own a house, condo or rent an apartment. 1. Unplug Electronics Do you constantly leave your electronic devices plugged into a power source when they’re not in-use? You...

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