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Category: Housing

Do Maintenance on These 8 Items in Your Home to Avoid Costly Replacements

Having a place of your own requires you to do housework, whether you want to or not. Regardless of if you live in a house, apartment, condo, townhome or even a mobile home, there are certain items in your home that you NEED to have regular maintenance conducted. If you don’t maintain these certain items, you could be looking at spending THOUSANDS of dollars by replacing them. So, don’t stress out your bank account. Get these items what they need now before it’s too late! Air Conditioning Unit Did you know hundredths of an inch of dust or dirt...

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Does Airbnb Hurt Cities More than It Helps?

If you haven’t heard of Airbnb, then we’ll try to introduce it as straightforwardly as possible. It’s this service where hosts rent out parts of (or all of) their homes to travelers, like a hotel but cheaper, or like a bed-and-breakfast but more personal, or like a hostel but nicer. It’s objectively amazing and terrible all at the same time. If you’re thinking about using Airbnb, whether you want to stay at one or rent out your own place, then you ought to know the downsides of it as well as the upsides. Is it bad because the hosts...

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What Does Good Debt Look Like?

If you go through your whole life without being officially, legally in debt, then you will have either gotten extremely lucky or you will have been overly cautious to your own detriment. They say money makes the world go ‘round and fortune favors the bold. Combine those two statements and you might get the idea that to live your best life, you may have to voluntarily go into debt and gamble on yourself. But we aren’t here to tell you to stop thinking debt itself is bad and it’s really some wonderful game to play. No, no, no –...

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Can Getting Rid of Your Lawn Save You Money?

We could have eased into this article with a nice, but unnecessary, introduction that talked in circles about nature and homeownership before finally zoning in on lawns and gardening. But instead, let’s address the burning question head-on. Why on Earth would anybody get rid of their grass? Really, that question answers itself: it’s because we’re on Earth. It turns out maintaining a lawn is actually murder on the environment. But the fact an entire continent is doing this kind-of-sort-of makes the problem enormously worse. A lot of it is about water consumption, but not entirely. There are also the...

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How Much Should You Worry About Lead Poisoning These Days?

Every so often, you hear a Public Service Announcement warning about the dangers of living in a home built before 1978 due to the risk of lead paint exposure because children are especially susceptible to its dangers. You may encounter two different types of people when it comes to these warnings: those who say you should be in constant worry because lead paint is still everywhere and those who say all the worry about lead poisoning is overblown. Who’s right? They both have their points. There are times and places to have concerns about lead poisoning, but it’s not...

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