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Category: Housing

Can a Flood Happen to You?

Slowly but surely, it’s getting warmer, and spring will soon be here. But while April showers may bring May flowers, sometimes those showers just bring even more showers with them throughout the spring and summer. Not to mention, all that melting snow has to go somewhere. Sometimes all that excess water feels the need to make its presence known. Flooding is actually the most common natural disaster on Earth, in the sense that there are so many “little” ones occurring all the time. In fact, one could argue flooding helped build modern civilization, since the earliest human societies in...

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Why Are Some Cities Growing While Others Shrink?

American geography is changing rapidly. People are moving to modern-day boomtowns and nobody seems to be replacing them in their home cities. But why are certain locales so attractive to people while others can’t help but watch people leave? As you might anticipate from changes this drastic, it’s a combination of several factors working in tandem. Living in the Sunlight Most people don’t enjoy extreme heat any more than they enjoy extreme cold. But the numbers clearly show the fastest-growing cities in the country correlate to warmer climates. Even less than a century ago, it would have been inconceivable...

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You Could Get $10,000 to Relocate! Is It Too Good to Be True?

Are you having trouble making ends meet? Are you having trouble finding work? Are you just plain in need of a change? The solution might be as simple as just picking up and moving somewhere new. You might say, “But nameless, faceless author-person, I can’t afford to just pick up and move! Moving takes money and a lack of funds is the problem, to begin with.” There are states and cities that appear to be offering money to entice new residents. It seems hard to beat relocation funds, a steady job and some walking around money in a new...

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Broken Expensive Stuff: When to Repair and When to Replace

Microwaves, refrigerators, fixtures, furniture, TVs, computers, cars, clothes. The fact of the matter is many very important items are not built to last forever. It’s an open secret that “planned obsolescence” is the name of the game. If companies sell you something that never ever gets old and breaks down, well, you’ll never need to buy from them again, now will you? That’s why we try to out-game the system and get all the life out of our purchases as we can. But it’s not always clear where the point is when we’ve maximized the utility we get from...

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Is the Housing Crisis Over? (Or Is It About to Get Much Worse?)

It would be a huge oversimplification to say that mishandled mortgages ruined the economy for about a decade. All the same, we are still feeling the effects of a recession caused in large part by improper manipulation of the housing market. As we enter 2019, some sources are saying we have finally pulled ourselves out of the hole that was dug. Mortgage rates are going down; more people are ostensibly keeping up with their payments. Some would say we can finally call it a day on the housing crisis. However, not everyone is as convinced. Promising numbers do little...

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