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How to Ask for Help: A Beginner’s Guide

Help. It’s something we all need, but something we’re all hesitant to request. You could even say this very website only exists to help you in ways the people in your life couldn’t – or wouldn’t. After all, it seems like many people think helping the helpless is a waste of time. Still, we all need to ask for help sometimes. But while we know that we know this, we’re not so sure other people know as well. There’s good news though. The fact that so many people have trouble asking for help means at least as many people...

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How Tipping Culture Affects Employees and Customers

How do you feel about tipping? The answer to that question is most likely dependent on two major factors. Do you live in the US or Canada? Have you ever had a service industry job? When it comes to tipping, the US is unique in the way it pays many service industry employees. Instead of a tip being something on top of their regular salary, it is something that must supplement a decreased salary. Basically, they make much less than they should, because it’s expected that tips will make up the difference. Is it fair? Gratuity In the United...

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Choosing to Take a Full-Time Job as a Single Parent: What to Expect

As a single parent, family has to be your priority. At the same time though, you do need to make money. Finding that work/life balance can be particularly difficult. A job/career is supposed to be an investment in your future. However, we often find ourselves investing our futures in our jobs. Let’s look at the major factors you should look at before deciding to take a job. Can you afford to take the job? Can you Afford not to? Time When people use the phrase ‘full-time’ job it is not a misnomer. 40 hours of a 168-hour week may...

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Obtaining Legal Assistance Without Paying for a Lawyer

This is a nation of laws. Some of them are obvious, some of them are not. As regular citizens, we are not expected to know every facet of the American legal system – be it federal, state, or municipal. That is the whole reason that lawyers exist. Make all the jokes you want about them, they do serve a vital purpose. However, they aren’t cheap. Paying for a good lawyer shouldn’t be only a privilege of the well-to-do. All too often, lower-income defendants are left to overworked and underpaid public defenders and lost in a cycle of incarceration, release,...

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Setting Reasonable Boundaries at Work Without Getting Fired…Probably

New legislation has been proposed in New York City that would make it illegal for employers to demand employees respond to work-related communications outside of regularly scheduled work hours. To be clear, it’s more ‘pay a fine’ illegal than ‘go to jail’ illegal, but the implications are still massive. The bill was pitched as a way to provide employees with the “Right to Disconnect.” (The fact that there are massive loopholes built into the language of the bill is a conversation for a different time.) As you can imagine, this proposal was met with a broad spectrum of reactions. It...

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