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Category: Single Parent

Choosing the Right After-School Activities as a Parent

As a parent, it’s nice that your child doesn’t have to spend as much time in school on a given day as you have to spend at work. Then again, it seems like an oversight that they get to go home when you still have to be at work for over an hour. For decades, families have been wrestling with the extended amounts of time children have to regularly spend at home when both parents (or the only parent) work all day and can’t be there to provide supervision. After-school activities were created to remedy this, but many parents...

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Where to Find a Free Christmas Dinner in 2018: 6 Organizations You Should Know

Christmas is a time to be with family, share a filling, home-cooked meal and create warm memories that will last a life time. But not everyone finds themselves in a situation like that. Regardless, no one should have to be alone on Christmas or have to wonder how they’ll feed themselves on the holiday. We found six organizations that will provide you with company and good, free food during the holiday this year and hopefully one of them is in your community. 1. Perpetual Praise Community Church – Dallas, TX Perpetual Praise Community Church in Dallas, TX is hosting...

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Find More Time with These Quick Meal Tips

It can be difficult to make balanced meals, day in and day out, as a working parent. To say nothing of the thought and energy required, sometimes you just don’t have the time. Takeout isn’t really a viable replacement financially or nutritionally. So what do you do? We might be able to help! We’ve found that the best way to cut down on cooking time is to prepare, literally. Do as much beforehand as you can. Here’s what we mean. Organize Your Kitchen This probably doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, it’s amazing how much time you’ll cut...

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