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How to Enjoy Halloween Without Breaking the Bank

Halloween is only a few short weeks away. As fun as the holiday can be, it can also be extremely expensive – depending on your level of commitment. Between all the festivities and the costumes and the decorations, it can all add up. The fact that this year’s Halloween falls on a Wednesday can make it even worse. Some people will celebrate the weekend before. Some people will celebrate the day of. As weird as it is, some people might even celebrate the weekend after. You don’t want to be the person in the same costume at three events, do...

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Political Lingo to Learn in Time for Election Season

People who intently follow politics and elections can find it hard to believe that others don’t. They expect everyone to know every facet of the election process and that is simply not the reality. However, there are a few things that every voter should know just to understand what’s going on. It’s basic lingo that will help them jump into the conversation if they should ever so desire. We’ve got you covered in that department. The Political Spectrum This one has gotten a bit trickier than it needs to be in recent years. It’s supposed to refer to which...

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Shady Campaign Tactics to Look Out For

Politicians and lawyers both have a reputation for being shady characters. Whether it’s a reputation they deserve is something you’ll have to decide on your own. However, they are both capable of using shady tactics. The difference? We don’t get to vote lawyers in and out of office. It’s important to be able to recognize some of the shady tactics that politicians will use during a campaign cycle. It helps you make a better-informed decision on the candidate’s beliefs and character (if we still care about such things). That’s why we’re going to go over a couple disreputable moves...

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Missing Journalist Sparks International Incident

Make no mistake; we are in the midst of an international incident over the suspected death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in a Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. As this whole thing is still playing out in real time, it remains to be seen how serious things will get before it is resolved. To understand why this is such a big deal, allow us to provide some context on Khashoggi, Saudi Arabia, and their relationship with the rest of the world. Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia has had a contentious relationship with the rest of the world for most of...

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The Reality of Passive Income

There’s a special feeling that comes from working for a living. It’s a feeling of accomplishment that not many other things in life can top. Unfortunately, you only really feel that feeling when you get and cash your check. That next Monday when you’re right back at the grind; work is just work. What if I told you there was a better way? What if I told you, you could make money without the grind? Such is the beauty of passive income…kinda. Passive Income The basic definition of passive income is simple; money you make without having to do...

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