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9 Simple Ways to Save on Pets and Their Care

If you have pets, you know very well they’re a part of your family. They’re spoiled just as much as your kids are, or you may even call them your fur babies if you don’t have kids. You also probably know that pets are expensive. That being said, you wouldn’t give them up for the world! We found nine simple ways you can save money on your pets and their care and you won’t even have to skimp on the amount you spoil them! 1. Initial Price of Your Pet Adopt You’ve more than likely heard the phrase, “Adopt,...

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Weather vs Climate: Why the Difference Matters

In many parts of the country, today (1/29/19) is set to be extremely cold. Tomorrow is supposed to be even colder than that, with temperatures that feel as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit. This has prompted the President to return to statements he’s previously made when the temperature drops about how he longs for global warming to give us relief from the cold. These comments may be jokes, but if they are said with any degree of sincerity, let’s see if science actually backs up the President’s logic. (Spoilers, it doesn’t) Global Warming Let’s first look at what Global...

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Statistics That May Change the Way You Think About Credit Card Debt

If you rarely bust out your credit card, I hope you enjoy that rarified air. For everyone else, credit card debt is a huge problem in the U.S. However, all debt is not created equal. In fact, having a little debt can actually be a benefit. It’s when you get in over your head that things become an issue. Who Uses Credit Cards It might seem like everyone uses credit cards, rich, poor, old, young. While the majority of people definitely do use credit cards, there are quite a few people who don’t even have any. The demographics of...

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Small Businesses You Could Potentially Start Tomorrow

When you think of starting a new business, does it seem like climbing a very tall mountain? Sure, most new businesses fail. That’s not even mentioning the fact that creating something out of nothing is a daunting task in and of itself. Conventional wisdom would suggest that starting a new company would be a massive, life-interrupting undertaking; requiring at least a skeleton staff and a base of operation. Conventional wisdom would be wrong. It really is amazing how much physical infrastructure the internet can replace. Depending on the service you intend to provide or the product you intend to...

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Money-Saving Options That Enrich Instead of Restrict

When it comes to saving money, there are a lot of don’ts. Don’t buy this. Don’t do that. Save this. Wait for that. It can make the whole thing feel like a very uncomfortable process. However, it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of ways you can enrich your life while still saving money for whatever it is you feel the need to save for. Hobbies and Skills You might be saying “Taking up new hobbies and learning new skills costs money.” To which I would say, “That depends on the hobby or skill.” I’m not saying to...

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