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Jobs That Hire Without Experience

Employers seem so quick to demand applicants have relevant work experience, but they’re so stingy to give you a chance to acquire it. While this is true for many positions at many companies, there are some positions that they’re willing to train a fresh face for. These aren’t just low-paying grunt-work jobs; there are many legitimate positions that can be acquired without ever having worked in the field before. For the People Person Customer service and sales jobs aren’t always euphemisms for fast-food work or mall-kiosk attendants. Big companies still need people to work in-office with clients, maintain relationships...

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How to Get Job References

Getting job references may be something you already know how to do, but it’s just not something you’re good at. It seems simple enough: make a list of your former bosses and their contact information and staple it to your job application. But clearly it works better for some than others. What’s the trick? It’s Who You Know In reality, the ideal list of references would be a diverse mix of people from all parts of your life. Here are the kinds of people you ought to consider: –Bosses and superiors: This one was probably a given. New employers...

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Stop Wasting Time Today

Whether or not reading this article is a worthwhile way to spend your time depends entirely on whether you decide to take something away from it. All but the most fortunate of us have occasionally felt like we could have better spent our time better or in some other way. For some of us this occurs every so often, while for others it’s rather frequent. In any case, we’re all liable to feel regret over the inefficiency of the past. Hardcore advocates of time efficiency are often quick to say something to the effect of, “People who say they...

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Why Are Some Cities Growing While Others Shrink?

American geography is changing rapidly. People are moving to modern-day boomtowns and nobody seems to be replacing them in their home cities. But why are certain locales so attractive to people while others can’t help but watch people leave? As you might anticipate from changes this drastic, it’s a combination of several factors working in tandem. Living in the Sunlight Most people don’t enjoy extreme heat any more than they enjoy extreme cold. But the numbers clearly show the fastest-growing cities in the country correlate to warmer climates. Even less than a century ago, it would have been inconceivable...

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Why is February So Weird?

Every time February rolls around, the same couple of thoughts go through our heads. First, we wonder how we didn’t notice that first r in February until we were well into elementary school. Then we wonder why February only has 28 days (except when it has 29). Finally, we tell ourselves we don’t have time to think too much about how strange this month is. Luckily, we had time to find the answers to these questions. The first one about “Feb-yu-ary” is simply because our brains don’t like words having too many r’s in close proximity, which is why...

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